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How much CPF-OA to use for private property

We had steak and wine for dinner tonight as a last hurrah before the Phase 2A (Heightened Alert) restrictions kick in tomorrow. And we are having the 2nd vaccine jab in the afternoon as well so we are preparing to go down for a few days. We are expecting more severe side effects this time […]

Sembcorp Marine share price plunging to $0.05?

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP Sembcorp Marine share price became the talk of the town. And for all the wrong reasons. The $1.5 billion rights issue had led to a devastating meltdown in Sembcorp Marine share price, which plunged from $0.19 to the current low of $0.11. The correction amounted to about 42% across the span of nearly a month. Given the horrendous train-wreck of Sembcorp Marine share price, shareholders have every right to be angry with the management.

From a blue chip among the prestigious Straits Times Index (STI) in 2016 to a cheap penny stock in 2021, Sembcorp Marine share price has become one of the biggest falling stars in SGX. How this counter managed to land in such a dismay state is beyond my understanding. But I reckon what riled shareholders the most is that the previous rights issue of $2.1 billion took place just in September 2020. And now, within a span of less than a year, Sembcorp Marine has come back to ask for more money from shareholders.

Sembcorp Marine share priceAdmittedly, I have a special interest in Sembcorp Marine share price because I made a successful contra in this counter in April 2021. Through the volatility of Sembcorp Marine share …

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