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5 Lessons from gaming that increase your Insurance XP

“Stop playing computer games. It has no use in life. You are wasting your time away!” These were the sanitised version of my father’s rants during my growing years. Of course, it was my duty to ignore him and continue to shoot my enemies’ faces. (on CRT) Then my ever-so-lovely Mum would walk calmly into the […]

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House of Commons UK PM Theresa May Speaks – Live Video NOW

UK’s PM Theresa May is expected to make a statement to MPs later at 1130GMT and finally trigger Brexit Article 50. According to previous consensus, the statement should lean to the conciliatory tone, calling all Britons to unite ahead of this historical moment.
“When we leave the European Union we will have control of our budgets and we will decide how we spend our money”
“Invoking Article 50, we are putting into practice the democratic vote of the UK people”, says May, while suggesting that the Scottish government should “do the same with the 2015 referendum on the independence of Scotland”

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Singapore gold bullion market

In the aftermath of the Singapore’s GST exemption for investment grade precious metals since 2012, many bullion dealers has set up shop to take advantage of gold liberalization by Singapore government. In its latest financial results, it was revealed that BullionStar led in Singapore gold bullion market. According to data released by World Gold Council, […]

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Golden Energy – 4th largest in Indonesia but share price lags Geo Energy by a mile! (27 Mar 17)

Golden Energy (“GEAR”) has slumped 21% from $0.655 on 12 Dec 2016 to $0.515 on 27 Mar 2017. Compare this with a 47% rally in Geo Energy’s share price over the same period. Moreover, GEAR has slumped 10% post its results notwithstanding the strong set of results. Why is this so? I have managed to fix an exclusive 1-1 meetup with Mark Zhou, Head of investments, GEAR (“Management”) to find out more about the company’s business and prospects.   Key takeaways from the meetup Bullish on FY17F Management continues to be bullish about its outlook. Based on Chart 1 below, Indonesia, […]

Income tax payable and donation.

We work hard to earn money and, being good citizens, those of us who earn more money give a portion of our earned income to our country.

This is why IRAS always thanked me for the contribution towards nation building but not anymore.

Many things…

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Should I get a bridal package or go ala-carte?

Between convenience and quality, which do you value more?Bridal PackagesIf you answered convenience, then bridal packages may be easier for you as they can offer a great deal of convenience to brides who are too busy to take care of the nitty gritty de…

OCBC won’t cheat you anymore! LOL

Apparently I heard from my father that there was a 3 page advertisement on this. I don’t know because I’m a millennial and I read news online.Anyway, LOL.I have to say though, they were very tricksy in the past. Examples? Their Bonus+ account with up t…

The Investigative Approach to Stock Investments

There are a couple of quantitative methods for analysing stocks, such as the Dividend Discount Model (DDM). A lot of people use them for stock analysis and investment as they are relatively simple to use and do not require qualitative analysis of the b…