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Going against the narrative

My wife and I went for the Coldplay concert last night at the National Stadium Singapore with a bunch of good friends. We couldn’t get tickets closer to the stage because of the large group and ended up with tickets all the way at the back. Both of us watched Coldplay perform before at a […]

A Suicide that turned into an Accident.

Mr Quek Kiat Siong, the co-owner of a popular popiah business, passed away on 4 Aug 2012. After his demise, his estate tried to make a claim on both of his Personal Accident (PA) policies. However, AIA rejected the claim, based on suicide exclusion. The aggrieved family litigated the matter but the judgment was unfavourable. […]

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TTI’s Portfolio Review – FY17Q1

Before you know it, Q1 came and left. TTI’s portfolio generated an internal rate of return of 15.78% annualized. Total net assets under management grew by $105,937.67, from $943,815.80 at the end of FY16Q4 to $1,049,753.47 at the end of FY17Q1. These figures are nett of all fees. Looking at the AUM, a gain of […]

1Q 2017 passive income from non-REITs.

Japan is rising from recession. Produced by NHK Int’l.

In my last blog, we saw that I made some changes in my S-REITs portfolio in 1Q 2017. Regular readers might recall that the quarter also saw some changes in my non-REITs portfolio.

I made…

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This might not be the most appropriate place to discuss about this topic: Tom K (that is my) US stocks. For this is Singapore Stocks Investing, a blog which should discuss about Singapore stocks. But I feel that my discussion on stocks and equities is not complete if I do not tell readers what my investing is all about and has been. For while I have been blogging here on Singapore Stocks Investing, sharing with readers my experience and insights on Singapore stocks; there is this side of me which is into US stocks. You see, my complete investment portfolio is not composed entirely of Singapore stocks but US stocks as well. Read more »

How Interest Rate Changes Affect REITs

Real estate investment trusts (REIT) is a class of stock investment that many believe are very much affected by global interest rate changes. For the past 35 years, the world have been in an environment where interest rate is getting lower and lower. There are periods where interest rate do rose, however the trend is […]

Thanks SCB for all the Cashback!

In June last year I found that SCB was having a ridiculous promotion of giving $138 cash credit if you signed up for their credit cards.I sat on it for a while and I finally applied in September and I received my card, which I used to pay for my online…


Singapore stocks

I have been looking at the Singapore stocks markets, analyzing the state of the markets and I found that the current Singapore stocks markets is one where it is dominated by penny stocks. Just look at the top 20 volume Singapore stocks daily to validate what I have just said. To be more accurate, the penny stocks which have been ruling the roost belong to those types of mining stocks like Alliance Minerals stock (which have become a multi-bagger from less than 10 cents to the current 30 over cents) to stocks like BlackGoldNatural and more recently AsiaPhos. I do not know whether it is linked to the Trump effect where Trump focuses on more traditional forms of energy. Or could it be the case of smart monies coming into selected stocks plays on the Singapore stocks markets? Read more »

1Q 2017 passive income from S-REITs.

“What is the interest rate risk of REIT investments? Interest rates only represent a portion of the overall equation.”

Time flies. It is time for another quarterly update.

In 1Q 2017, I received income from the following S-REITs:

1. AA…

[[ Th…