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Ernest’s market outlook (24 Mar 17)

Dear all, After 109 trading days, S&P500 finally staged a 1% drop on 21 Mar 2017. Is this the start of a correction? Let’s take a look at the charts.   S&P500 Just to recap what I have mentioned on 10 Mar 2017 (see HERE), I wrote “All the EMAs are rising steadily. Since 8 Nov 2016, S&P500 has not traded below its 20D EMA for more than one trading session. Amid positively placed directional indicators (“DIs”), ADX has risen from 34 on 24 Feb 2017 to 38 on 10 Mar 2017, indicative of a trend. RSI has weakened from […]


Okay, I think it’s good that MND Lawrence Wong has finally clarified AGAIN for all the stupiak people out there that are not so sure what “leasehold” means.Some good quotes from the Straits Times article, but I highlighted my favourite one and it’s the…

The latest weapon launched to wage war on Diabetes

Think of the most fearful killer disease you might suffer from. Chances are, you might reckon it’s cancer. Or perhaps a heart attack (ischemic heart disease). Maybe even a stroke (cerebrovascular disease). There is a new kid on the block when it comes to killer diseases – which is diabetes – and you may already have it […]

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