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Expenses Update: March 2017

  We spent about $4,250 in March and it was actually another rather frugal month by our standards. If we excluded the $700 that we paid for the day trips in Melbourne, the number would be much closer to $3,500.…



As a person who lunches on all weekdays at work, I could tell that inflation is in with the prices of food that I am paying. The norm some years ago was like $3 a lunch but nowadays, the norm for a meal out during office could be minimally $4 and it would be more if one buys a drink to accompany the meal.

Inflation seems to be getting more evident though recently through firstly, an increase in town and conservancy charges (the town council fees in simpler terms); then we have the 30% increase in water fees which personally I feel is a lot for a one-time increase. And it was only on 1 Apr 2017 that I learnt of the increase in electricity tariffs next. Read more »

Nostramoney 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I got Trump right though, 7 months before elections. Maybe it’s luck, but I did make a bet with a friend and pocketed some nice money because of the insane odds.US equities head lower within the next 2 qu…

I Didn’t Let My Alma Mater Down

How time flies. This is post no. 208, which makes it the 4th birthday for this weekly blog. This is a time for celebrations and reflections. Today’s story is about my studies in the Singapore Management University (SMU)’s Masters in Applied Finance (MA…

Going against the narrative

My wife and I went for the Coldplay concert last night at the National Stadium Singapore with a bunch of good friends. We couldn’t get tickets closer to the stage because of the large group and ended up with tickets all the way at the back. Both of us watched Coldplay perform before at a […]

A Suicide that turned into an Accident.

Mr Quek Kiat Siong, the co-owner of a popular popiah business, passed away on 4 Aug 2012. After his demise, his estate tried to make a claim on both of his Personal Accident (PA) policies. However, AIA rejected the claim, based on suicide exclusion. The aggrieved family litigated the matter but the judgment was unfavourable. […]

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TTI’s Portfolio Review – FY17Q1

Before you know it, Q1 came and left. TTI’s portfolio generated an internal rate of return of 15.78% annualized. Total net assets under management grew by $105,937.67, from $943,815.80 at the end of FY16Q4 to $1,049,753.47 at the end of FY17Q1. These figures are nett of all fees. Looking at the AUM, a gain of […]