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TTI is back after a 1 month hiatus. I’ve been ticking off life goals… in an earlier post, (It’s somewhere around here. Lazy to go dig through and link it to this.) a reader commented that I should visit Mont Saint Michel in France over the famed Meteora in Greece… and since he’s actually visited […]

11% Returns In A Single Day. Thank You Blue Orca Capital!

Damn, the title looks so clickbait-ish. Except it’s not: Approximately USD 5.5K + of returns in 1 day, with an invested capital of approximately 50K +. Here’s the story. 3 days ago, Blue Orca Capital released a short attack on data centre operator, GDS Holdings. You can read the specifics here: BTW, I love how […]

Wow. In My 4 Years Of Experience In Options… This Is A First.

I wasn’t intending on a post so quickly after the previous one. But this is quite crazy. Some recent positions have done really well, really quickly. I’ve written, in real time, about each of these positions in InvestingNote. First, I bought some shares in Singtel at $3.12, trading it a mere 2 days later at […]

Smile Just Got A Bit Wider

Thanos snaps his fingers and half the multiverse population disappears. TTI snaps his fingers and US ROI doubles. Yea, if u haven’t figured it out, TTI is a fan of Thanos. Avengers? Bleh. I don’t understand why is Thanos the villain. I know I’m the odd one out cos when I discussed my views, none […]

FY18Q2 -“Fun Isn’t Something One Considers When Balancing TTI’s Portfolio. But This…(heh heh heh heh) Does Put A Smile On My Face.”

What do these have in common? Answer: Thanos, Tesseract, TTI, Thor are some of the most powerful characters/relics around……. oh, oh, and also, all of them belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the rights of which are owned by The Walt Disney Company since 2009, and of which TTI is a newly minted shareholder. (And […]

TTI’s Short Hedges

Since my previous post on Dutech (Dutech Holdings FY17’s AGM), the company has released it’s FY18Q1 results and I’ve had time to peruse it. I feel pretty much  vindicated, although the headline news don’t quite describe it as such. Anyway, maybe I’d write about some new findings in the next post. Of late, markets have […]

Dutech Holdings FY17’s AGM

1stly, something unrelated to Dutech Holdings. I drove down to BBR Holding’s project, The Wisteria to take a look today. Kinda disappointing that the project is taking so long to TOP. I was informed by sources a few months ago that it’s slated to TOP in mid April. So, obviously, they’re late, cos today it […]

Convertible Bonds + Bye Bye LTC!

Zero posts in the past few weeks, and for good reason too. Phew. I’ve been busy working on the convertible bond offering, and finally, I’ve some tangible results to show for it. As I was discussing with a friend, life is really funny sometimes. Sometime ago, I was looking for potential co-investors and not getting […]

1Q 2018 Report Card

1st up, I’d clarify, as I’ve always done so for previous quarterly report cards, that I track returns using XIRR. So this means that the time value of cash is taken into account in the results, but it also skews the annualized XIRR figures for now, as it’d assume the exact same rate of return […]