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ThumbTack Fund Report 4 – Generals Firing On All Cylinders

First up, a bit of a PSA: I’m looking for an administrative partner. Basically, SG TTI is getting enquiries about partnerships and all that, and I’m not good at doing stuff like that, and really have no interest either. If you’re interested, drop me an email:, and yea, if there’s monetary remuneration involved, of […]

ThumbTack Fund Report 3 – Aftermath Of Avenue Therapeutics (ATXI)

It’s only been 3 weeks since the last report (, but TTF has been owning the markets so numbers have changed rather drastically. Plus I thought I’d share my updated thoughts on ATXI after their complete response letter carnage. TTF fund cumulative money weighted return since inception in Feb 2020: +39.96%, YTD returns: +40.26% Total […]

ThumbTack Fund Report 2 – Dancing Between The Raindrops

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing in September. S&P weakened considerably since the inaugural TTF’s 1st report on the 28th Aug: I’ve managed to dance between the raindrops in the past mth or so, as TTF continued to grow strongly, largely on the backs of just a couple of nicely timed positions. 1 of […]

Guest Post By The Analyst Handbook – The Differences Between Value Investing and Growth Investing

By Howie Bick – When it comes to investing, there are lots of things to consider in deciding on the type of investments you choose, the type of strategies you deploy, and the type of philosophies you embody. Two of the more commonly practiced investment philosophies are value investing and growth investing. Value Investing […]

“Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”

The last time I updated this blog was actually before the Covid storm started. That’s how long it has been. Here’s an update of what transpired, my current portfolio composition and my outlook. Back in March, the world’s markets were frozen in fear as we witnessed the steepest drop since the 1930s Great Depression, with […]

Shorting Volatility In The Midst Of Fear

All hell seemed to break lose last week, as the S&P recorded it’s worst week since the GFC back in 2008. Yup, that’s the worst week ever in more than a decade, which also means that the sharp and rapid drop would’ve taken most market participants by surprise. Many newbie or less experienced investors would be […]

Guest Post: Visa By Datascienceinvestor

Title’s self explanatory… “J” from Datascienceinvestor asked to exchange guest posts, but since I hardly bother to post much myself here these days, I declined, but offered to give him a guest post instead. “J” asked for suggestions, and since my last post was on the top 5 generals for my new fund, I suggested […]

TTI’s Top 5 Generals

To concentrate? Or to diversify? This has really been on my mind a lot lately. Buffett says diversification is just an insurance against ignorance. Which is really a fancy way of saying that if you’re not entirely sure, or if you think you are sure but am concerned that the world may throw you a […]

Talent Recruitment For Asia Genesis Asset Management!

After a long hiatus, this is probably going to be a short, but I’m pretty sure, a very much impactful post. Some time ago, I wrote a post about a friend, and that post has been viewed umpteen times (like literally tens of thousands!): Lessons From A Super Investor – A Personal Friend Of TTI […]