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ThumbTack Fund – New No.1 General

Broadcom (AVGO) has been occupying the top general spot since inception, sitting pretty at the top for the past 14 months. During my last update, the 5 “generals” list is: TTI’s 5 Generals Broadcom (AVGO) Alibaba Group (BABA, 9988) Rocket Companies (RKT) Pershing Square Tontine Holdings (PSTH) Still interviewing applicants Over the past 3 weeks […]

ThumbTack Fund Report 8 – What Are These Bots Doing?

1st up, can you guys go watch this video that I took a few days ago, watch it, and tell me (if u know), what exactly are the bots or people behind the bots hoping to accomplish by doing this? (Sorry about the ticking sound, didn’t realize my study room clock is so noisy in […]

Outlook on Electric Vehicles – Hype or Hope?

We witnessed a mini bloodbath in the global stock markets in the past one month – particularly so for counters listed on NASDAQ as a result of the tech sell-off; attributed to the recent announcement of treasury yields and Powell’s speech. Take a look at the NASDAQ Composite (IXIC) below: The index dipped to its […]

ThumbTack Fund Report 7 – 大难不死,必有后福

“大难不死,必有后福” = “If you survive a major calamity, you’d certainly have great fortune subsequently” ThumbTack Fund (TTF) was incepted at the beginning of Feb 2020, right before the pandemic became a real thing. On the very 1st month in Feb 2020, the fund got a -29.59% hit, and this was followed by another bright red […]

Funding Secured! (For Teh Bing)

I hosted a fellow member of Team ThumbTack last weekend for lunch. It’s been an uber exhausting start to 2021, and also, since it’s going to be CNY soon, I thought we should go somewhere fancy, eventually settling on Cantonese food from Summer Palace at Regent Hotel. Here’s what Michelin 1-star for 3 consecutive years […]

TTI’s 2021 Market Outlook And Review Of Tiger Brokers

Let me start 2021 off on SG TTI with something fun. On the 1st trading day of 2021, I fired off a mini proton cannon shot at 1 listed company in SGX. Long-time readers would know that prior to that, I don’t own anything on SGX. Not directly in the personal portfolio at least. (Own […]

ThumbTack Fund Report 6 – Rose Of Jericho (2020)

A reader turned buddy just told me a couple of weeks ago that he quit his job, and will be embarking on the MBA programme at the uber prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management in 2021. He contributed a few articles some years back, so u can read some of his past work here. I’ve […]

Guest Post: Chiasma Pharmaceuticals (CHMA) Investing Thesis

1 of the perks I get to enjoy is that on occasion, I get emails from readers all over the world who want to share ideas, discuss philosophy, seek solace, or even tell me stories. I try to reply everything. Today, I’m sharing 1 such investing thesis brought to me by a reader. He’s interested […]

ThumbTack Fund Report 5 – Ba Ba Black Sheep

Since my last report, I’ve now added some new fellow ThumbTack mates into the team, not sure what they will be doing exactly tbh, but they seem pro enough. LOL. Certainly more than me at least. Hmm, I should host some get together meet up soon. Tony Stark can’t be fighting Thanos without meeting Dr […]