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4th Qtr 2020: Dividend and Portfolio Update

 Time flies and we are in the last month of the year 2020 and
I think most of us (investors) are busy calculating how much passive income or
dividend we will be receiving in 2020. As we are still surrounded and suffered
from Covid-19 pandemic and just…

Keep Calm & Keep Walking (Waiting ) ….. ( Photos Sharing )

The stock market remains volatile and STI moving up and down
with range-bound between 2450-2550. With US Presidential Election and the
pending stimulus package from the US government & congress, the market just
moving up and down by following this news day by day, for me, it is just like
watching “Korean Drama” with popcorn ready.

Regardless of who is being elected as next US President, the

3rd Qtr 2020 : Portfolio and Dividend Update

 Time flies, we have seen
a very volatile market while entering 4th Qtr of 2020, where the
tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite dropped nearly 6.2% (from the highest
point of 12,074 achieved on 2nd Sep 2020 ) its biggest percentage
declined since June 11. But …

A "Waiting" Game

 Time flies, it has been almost 9 months since we registered the first case of Covid-19 in Singapore on 23 Jan 2020, the start of a chain of
events that would lead to unprecedented closures and restrictions of movement.
World economy suddenly halts an…

Financial Derivatives are ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction"

"WMD = Weapons Of Mass Destruction " !This might be the reason why Warren Buffett sold all his shares of GS( Goldman Sachs) and reducing his holding in JP Morgan in recent portfolio rebalancing.Warren Buffett still says derivatives are ‘weapons of mass destruction’ <>But why is he increasing his stake in BA ( Bank Of America )? This video may give you some ideas or clues.

The 3 Most Important Charts On Investing

We know that market move in cycles and in upwards trend in the long run, for the past 200 years. If you stretch the investment time horizon to a much longer period, you will see that every crisis was just a "blip"  in time.

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Every crisis, be it caused by war, oil crisis, financial (sub-prime) or even current crisis of COVID 19 will pass