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Volatile Market: A New Normal

World stock market continued it strings of volatile trading
sessions recently when 10 Years Treasury Notes hitting 1.5%, a sign that FED is
going to increase interest rate in near term due to higher “inflation expectation
“post pandemic as economic is going to restore back to Pre-covid 19 level. 

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 For me, it seems that the yield curve is just returning to

Stock Market Looks Like A Casino Now : Have Fun !!

the Market: Big Bets on Stock Make Wall Street Look Like a ‘Casino’ <>



The biggest bets made over
the past couple days haven’t been placed in a casino on the Las Vegas Strip.
Instead, the action’s taken place on Wall Street, as a group of stock traders
on Reddit have aimed at hedge fund traders, who have made high-stakes wagers
that businesses like GameStop and

SPAC vs IPO : Blank Cheque or Blind Faith ?

SPAC ( Special Purpose Acquisition Companies )  are getting popular and a very hot topics recently with total deal from SPAC amounting to more than USD 25 Billions in 2020.The deal including below biggest SPAC from UWM ( around $16 bil ) and some othe…

世界首富換馬斯克 比特幣莊家都是海盗:泡沫頂端?

 泡沫頂端?世界首富換馬斯克 比特幣莊家都是海盗 20210108《楊世光在金錢爆    < source & Video credit to : >《楊世光在金錢爆》Bitcoin rally may be the ‘mother of all bubbles’ says BofA < source:>Bitcoin may still surge and keep hitting another all time high … till $200k   , nobody knows as market is flooded with massive liquidity and irrational , as always .  Those invested in Bitcoin will just need to be wary that don’t be

My Report Card 2020

 2020 was a dramatic
year for us as we have seen the huge dropped of the stock market in March and some
( New Economy / Growth stocks ) have recovered nicely or hitting
new high while some ( Old
Economy / Value stocks
) are still struggling to
recoup the losses. We are experiencing the so-called “ K-shaped “  of economic recovery.K-Shaped
Recovery < source :>

What Is a K-Shaped

Small debts, big problems ( 消费,借贷 : 一条龙 )

 Small debts, big problems  <source:>"According to Reuters, a state-compiled report on how Ant Group’s microlending products have encouraged poor people to build up debt…“Because it doesn’t need to meet strict financial requirements, online microlending has evolved into more like a Ponzi scheme,” Shen Yan, an economics professor at Peking University’s National School of

CPF Interest and CPFIS Performance Update

 I think most of us will feel happy happy so long as you have CPF account as your interest from CPF been credited this morning , no matter rain or shine on 1st day of each new year. We (STE & Mrs. ) are so happy to see our CPF account  balance increase by $28,118.64 with these interest credited in..I always emphasize that the CPF act as the Triple AAA Bond in our portfolio and if you are still

A Quick Update and Photos Sharing

 Market sentiment continues to improve with good news from
vaccine approval by US FDA and hope of more stimulus package. STI has rebounded
strongly from 2400+ in early Nov to above 2800+ now, moving close to -0.5 SD

I don’t have any buy or s…