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This might not be the most appropriate place to discuss about this topic: Tom K (that is my) US stocks. For this is Singapore Stocks Investing, a blog which should discuss about Singapore stocks. But I feel that my discussion on stocks and equities is not complete if I do not tell readers what my investing is all about and has been. For while I have been blogging here on Singapore Stocks Investing, sharing with readers my experience and insights on Singapore stocks; there is this side of me which is into US stocks. You see, my complete investment portfolio is not composed entirely of Singapore stocks but US stocks as well. Read more »


Singapore stocks

I have been looking at the Singapore stocks markets, analyzing the state of the markets and I found that the current Singapore stocks markets is one where it is dominated by penny stocks. Just look at the top 20 volume Singapore stocks daily to validate what I have just said. To be more accurate, the penny stocks which have been ruling the roost belong to those types of mining stocks like Alliance Minerals stock (which have become a multi-bagger from less than 10 cents to the current 30 over cents) to stocks like BlackGoldNatural and more recently AsiaPhos. I do not know whether it is linked to the Trump effect where Trump focuses on more traditional forms of energy. Or could it be the case of smart monies coming into selected stocks plays on the Singapore stocks markets? Read more »


I have not been blogging here on SINGAPORE STOCKS INVESTING for really quite sometime. My last published post here on this blog was dated 21 March 2017 and hence I have really “disappeared” from financial blogosphere for more than a week. So what has happened to Tom K during this period?

Well, health problems have stopped me from blogging. For the past week, I was really very not well so much so that I slept for most of two full days last week. Usually, I would look at financial and investment news from Singapore and overseas regularly for updates many times a day and I could not do that when I was not well last week. What I managed to do was to just glance quickly at the local and overseas stock prices of counters which I bought at the end of trading day.

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Kimly stock

I was having my instant coffee as shared in my earlier post when I saw Kimly Group stock, as expected defied gravity and shot to an high of $0.55 from an IPO price of $0.25. At that instant, the coffee in my mouth also shot through too. Kimly Group stock finally closed a little lower at $0.44 per share though it was still a stellar 76% rally in IPO stock price. Read more »