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Godfather of Asian Stock Market is Back!

The Godfather of Asian Stock market, Hu Li Yang, is back in Singapore to
share with us his view on the investing opportunities and risks in year 2017!

Spend 1 full day learning from the Man himself as he would discuss his views
and how investors sh…

The next big rally

As the Malaysian Ringgit drops to record lows, it may imply a lack of economic stability in the country. However, there seems to be an opportunity that lies within this cheap currency, and as all standard economics students would tell you that cheap cu…

New Singapore REIT ETF!

SGX recently launched a new product: the REIT ETF (Real Estate Investment Trust Exchange Traded Fund).
If you think properties are good, diversification is good, the new REIT ETF is the product for you!
What is an ETF? Click HERE to find out.
What is…