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Who Owns the Property in this Case?

You must be living in some hole if you missed the narrative recently on HDB housing. Just as a recap, some ministers came out in the past to address about our largest home ownership scheme (you can read about some of the timeline in my article not too long ago here). The HDB is a […]

The Frustrating Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust EGM

I attended the EGM for Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust for their purchase of a portfolio of completed and in development properties. I have to say it is rather frustrating. I will keep this post short. Here are some of the key takeaways. 3 Questions were raised whether future dividend per unit (DPU) will be […]

Relooking M1 Limited – What has changed? Nothing Much

7 months ago, I did a piece on whether M1 and Starhub is a value opportunity or a value trap. Back then the price is trading at $1.90. Today, we are not so far off. Had you purchase M1, you would have gotten some good gains. That is, before the recent results were published. Was […]