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No Matter How Much You Earn, If you Spend Too Much, You Cannot Retire

There is a large number of Singaporeans that are high income. They are those who start businesses, the corporate high flyers in thriving industries, the ones who worked the Singapore school systems who eventually got into good secure government jobs. They earn upwards of $80,000/yr. And they are the ones their peers put on the […]

Course: A Trading Workshop for Serious Investors

My friend Elvin Hayden Liang is looking for 5 investors for his workshop. When we were organizing Investors Exchange 2017 not too long ago, Elvin covered a topic that I find, is very unique, potentially useful for active investors, which is the art of scuttlebutt. If you are prospecting business, any edge you can gain […]

What Eating 3 to 4 Eggs a Day did to My Cholesterol Result

In my last post on optimizing our food expenses, I shared with everyone how slaying the hunger monster can be very beneficial to your health and your wallet. In the article, I shared about the change in my 7 day meal prep to incorporate 3 hard boil eggs instead of the vegetables. The advantages of […]

The Origins of Retirement and How it Shape Your Beliefs

You might be thinking about planning for retirement. Or you are coming soon to an age that you should be retiring. Either which, you will have many things you ponder when we suggest the word “retirement”. Some things that might cross your mind: How much money do I need for retirement? Why is the retirement […]