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My Manulife US REIT Analysis

Manulife US REIT is a unique commercial office REIT. The dividend per unit is about US$0.06. At current share price of US$0.845, the dividend yield is 0.06/0.845 = 7.1%. The dividend yield might not look like much but as an investor, you might be interested in its profile: As of Mar 2018, 120 tenants 7 […]

The Autumn CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow 2018 is Here

I been thinking this year it has been tad quiet on the CPF front. We haven’t heard much from them yet. And lo and behold, they updated me on the latest schedule for their CPF road show. Attached above is the schedule, beginning with the first one this weekend at Toa Payoh HDB Hub. I […]