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Journal-ling the reaction when Dow Fell 800 Points

This is a follow up to the last post I did when the volatility of the markets picked up. Not to cause panic but I want to see how different ETF for different asset classes do. 800 points do look like a lot and for a market like this you realize there are not a […]

Do We Hoard Too Much Money?

What are we saving for? Are we saving for food and expenses? Or are we saving for lifestyle. I was reading this very thought provoking post by Early Retirement SG. Well, he is currently not in Singapore, following his wife to work. So now he is living in Paris. If you follow his posts, you […]

Definitive Guide to Dividend Withholding Tax in Stock & Passive Investing

As an investor, you will invest in a stock, a business, a partnership that is based overseas. These stocks, business or partnership are incorporated or domiciled in another country. These stocks, business or partnership may declare dividends, interests or capital payments to you as a shareholder in Singapore. Once the dividends, interest or capital payments […]

Innovative Wealth Strategies to Redistribute Nation’s Wealth

Bloomberg has a good article a few months ago on re-thinking wealth. They highlight 3 suggestions that may be explored to re-distribute wealth in a fair manner. These articles may end up behind a paywall so I want to share this over here at Investment Moats. I will add my interpretation as well. Two of […]

Wharf REIC (1997) – a Storm coming for Dividend Yielder

Wharf Real Estate Investment Company’s (REIC) interim results was not too bad. I first wrote about Wharf REIC here. If you are not familiar with it, you might want to get a short overview of it through that article. Operating profit showed an improvement over last year. The profit attributable to shareholders was lower due […]

Family Inc: Measures of Health of Family Wealth

Personal finance books would usually teach us how to tell whether we are in a good or poor financial position. Today, we continue with our Family Inc Series with a look at what Doug McComick recommends as metrics to measure the health of our family wealth. You could use these metrics for a snapshot of […]

Retiring in the Worst 30-year Period

You may be planning for your retirement. And you might be thinking about what kind of risks you should be considering in your planning. The common fear is that in the first 5 years of your retirement, you experience a very large draw down of your portfolio. On Investment Moats, I have highlight the risks […]