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Using the rebound to take a breather and reassess

I did my last bit of investing today morning in the Singapore market just to catch the fall then. Mostly to buy the dip on the individual stocks, equity and REIT ETFs in my portfolio. I thought the market would continue to fall in the afternoon but it started to go back up. And my […]

1st batch of S$100,000 invested into the markets

I stayed up late tonight to write this post because it’s been an eventful day and night of investing. In the past 2 weeks, I have invested about S$30,000 into the markets. And I was getting myself ready to increase the amount to be invested if the markets continued to drop. I didn’t think this […]

Invested more into the markets and keeping a lookout

I invested about S$10,000 1.5 weeks ago through a combination of manual purchases of ETFs, individual stocks and manual funds transfers into our robo-advisor accounts. The market dip then was not as big as the one today, which I consider a market fall. Which is why I invested more at about S$20,000 into the markets. […]

Strategic call for my wife not to take unpaid leave

My wife, helper and baby got a lift from my father-in-law today morning to the polyclinic for a vaccination appointment. My mother-in-law was busy with her own personal appointment but could have driven them as well. The baby cried during the jab but stopped soon after. And they went out for lunch after that with […]

Still a positive net worth update

I just updated our net worth Google Sheet for the end of the month. As I expected, our investments took a beating and the value has gone down quite a bit since the start of the month. However, equities (ETFs and stocks) only take up 10% of our total assets since we exited our Smartly […]

Turning on the cash taps to buy the dip

The stock markets have been tanking recently because of the worsening virus situation. Every time I see such big drops, I start to slowly turn on the cash taps to buy the market dips. This means I start averaging down on my local and global ETFs using manual investing and funds transfers into my robo-advisor […]

Getting ready for what happens next

As the virus situation worsens, the impact on companies is becoming more severe. SIA freezed hiring, staff may be asked to volunteer for no-pay leave and they are cutting flights to reduce capacity. Temasek freezed staff salaries (including promotion increases) and senior management is taking a partial cut in bonuses. This is a bad sign. […]

I still prefer to work in the office

In the last 2 weeks, my department’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP) was activated because of the virus situation. My team was given the option to work from home if we wanted to. But both my manager and I didn’t take it up. He has a kid that’s 2 years old and mine’s 3.5 months old. […]

Considerations for a second child

The helper is on her off day and my parents-in-law are at our place looking after the baby. My wife is driving out to meet me for coffee and waffles soon. I’m just sitting here at the cafe waiting and enjoying my alone time. It’s nice to do nothing and watch the world go by. […]