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Reallocating our monthly investment plans

We celebrated our wedding anniversary over the weekend with a nice dinner at a Jap restaurant. It was good for just my wife and I to get away and celebrate by ourselves. A pity we couldn’t kick on for drinks at a bar after the dinner as it would have been more fun to stay […]

Considering parents or infant care

My wife will start going into the office to work twice a week. It’s her choice as the default work arrangement at her bank is still full-time work from home. But she prefers being in the office when her workload picks up. The LAN connection is faster so it’s easier to access large documents as […]

Watching the stock markets rise

It has been an exciting week with the Biden victory in the US election and possible Covid-19 vaccine. This caused the stock markets to rise as investors cheered the positive news. The STI finally had a decent run after being one of the worst-performing stock markets for a while. Not sure how sustained it would […]

Do we want to be landlords

We took leave and celebrated our son’s birthday over the last few days with both of our families separately. He got toys and ang baos as his birthday gifts and we also took him for a family photoshoot. We even managed to squeeze some time out to drop by our friend’s place for dinner and […]

Cash drain from preschool and rental deposits

The US elections results are coming in and I can’t wait to see who’s the winner. I haven’t done much with our investments except to buy in on the dips when they happen. This helped to maintain our cash position at 30% and investments value at 35%. The investment portfolio is rather evenly split between […]

Planning for the future

I finally finished my virtual training course, which involved several half days of logging on in the morning over the past few weeks. I’m done with training for the year and will start to discuss my training plan for next year with my manager in the next few months. While I enjoy learning new information […]

Buying or renting a bigger property

I have just been informed that my full-time work from home arrangement is about to change. It will be an alternate 1 week work from office and 1 week work from home arrangement instead. The start date for this has yet to be confirmed though I’m hoping for it to be later in the month. […]

Encash or carry forward annual leave

As the major restructuring at my wife’s bank rolls on, it has become clear that she is likely to take the safer option than the risky one. We initially thought this is a chance for her to pivot out to another team where the jobs have more longevity in Singapore. Instead of the job being […]

3Q2020 portfolio update and investing more

I just updated our end Sep 2020 net worth numbers and they are looking worse than the previous months. Lowest increase in monthly net worth since the market crash in Mar 2020. Which means that the markets have dipped and this explains why I invested more in the last month. I continued to buy ETFs […]

Difficult for us to reskill even in our 30s

We watched bits & pieces of PM Lee’s speech tonight and the part that caught our eye was him saying the Government’s biggest priority now is jobs. He highlighted these groups of particular concern: People in their 40s and 50s who have to take care of their children and support elderly parents Mature workers who […]