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My problem with trading courses

My wife had to go in to work on Mon, which is a public holiday in Singapore. Good thing is that she gets a day off-in-lieu for about half day of work. Bad thing is that it sucks having to work when everyone else is off. Anyway, I took the opportunity to go out for […]

Buy transactions for June 2017

Automated Investing for June 2017 Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan (Maybank KE MIP) Buy 29 units of SPDR STI ETF (ES3 on SGX) at S$3.29 per unit on 8 June 2017 Buy 89 units of Nikko AM REIT ETF (CFA on SGX) at S$1.07 per unit on 8 June 2017 Transaction costs of S$2 POSB Invest-Saver Buy 29 units of Nikko […]

Change to POSB Invest-Saver

It’s no secret that we have a few SG ETFs Monthly Investment Plans (MIPs) via banks and their associated brokerage arms. We believe that automated investing is the way to go given our busy work and personal schedules that is only going to get more intense if we plan to have a kid next year. Which is why we […]

Condition of Anonymity and Stealth Wealth

Went out for dinner yesterday at Bar-Roque Grill on Tanjong Pagar Road with my wife’s family to celebrate birthdays and Father’s Day. Good fine and wine makes for a nice celebration. My wife and I should also be going out by ourselves for a Japanese lunch tomorrow on our day off. Always important to have […]

Aiming for S$1 million in Total Assets

It’s my 31st birthday weekend and I’m taking next Mon off with my wife to celebrate it. Maybe a nice steak dinner since the last time we had it was during the US trip. As work is picking up pace again for both of us due to our respective project delivery timelines, it’s good to […]

Self-interest and tuning out on pay day

It’s pay day today. Which is always an exciting time for me. In some months, I have so many plans for what to spend my pay on that I’m quite conscious of counting down to the day itself. E.g. Clearing the credit card bills, mortgage, investments, savings etc. In other months, the day just creeps […]

Getting ready for Smartly and StashAway

Had a busy weekend and still feeling a little tired. We went out for dinner with friends on Sat and the whole group went back to our place to have dessert and drinks while watching the French Open tennis women’s finals match. It was a lot more exciting than expected. I played badminton on Sun before […]

Can I survive driving Uber?

It’s mid-week and my wife & I have been busy at work. Given the way things are going, I guess we should count ourselves fortunate we still have work to do and a job to go to? Haha. Oh well, we just have to take it one step at a time. I read Mr.WealthMachine’s recent post […]

Net worth update and no manual DCA

Foreign ETF portfolio restructuring Just updated the portfolio, net worth, passive income and expense figures on my blog. You will notice a big drop in the value of our foreign ETF portfolio. This is due to a small sale event in May 2017 where my wife sold her Vanguard All-World ETF (VWRD on LSE). We […]

Dividend income for May 2017

It’s a big dividend month for us despite the recent sale transactions and portfolio restructuring. Let’s get into it! SGX M1 (B2F): S$360 Starhub (CC3): S$423 Semcorp Industries (U96): S$164 SembCorp Marine (S51): S$55 Vicom (V01): S$148 SPH (T39): S$60 Starhill Global REIT (P40U): S$9 Keppel REIT (K71U): S$60 Dividend income for May 2017: S$1,279 […]