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Our net take home pay per hour

I was going to write about possibly starting a DBS DigiPortfolio for my wife. Mostly because I saw how a few financial bloggers have written about it at the same time. Might be a collaboration exercise with DBS to promote this financial product using sponsored posts. Which is fine with me since I can see […]

Supplement with formula and CDA First Step

Operation sleep through the night for my wife lasted only a few days. As the baby’s milk consumption picked up, my wife’s milk production could not keep up. With no excess milk stored in the fridge, my wife was back to waking up a few times overnight to feed the baby. Last night, it came […]

Sticking with Smartly robo advisor

Well, sleeping through the night for my wife might be short-lived with the baby’s milk consumption going up to 80 ml per feed. Solely using the Haakaa Manual Pump to express and store the milk in the fridge during the day is no longer sufficient for overnight feeding. She has to start utilising the Spectra […]

Redemption of Oxley MTN corporate bonds

We had a busy Saturday yesterday as we drove out in the morning to Orchard for baby and personal errands. It was tough even with the confinement nanny coming along with us. The preparation of baby stuff we need to bring along, timing of the baby feed right before we head out and having to […]

Getting to Day 15 and CPF Medisave deduction

I just finished my first full week of work since going back to the office last Fri after taking almost 2 weeks of annual leave to spend time with my wife and the baby. I noticed myself making more of an effort now to get off work on time by 6.30pm to take the train […]

POSB Smiley CDA and problem-solving the baby

The 1st payment of the Baby Bonus Cash Gift of $3,000 has been credited into my wife’s DBS Multiplier Account today. The next thing we did in the same day is to transfer this $3,000 into her POSB Smiley CDA. Now we wait for the Government’s matching contribution of $3,000. We are also waiting for […]

Does my wife want to continue working or stay at home?

This is one of the most interesting questions I have been asking my wife since we found out she was pregnant earlier in the year. Back then, her answer was that she would like to continue working after having the baby. We set out a roadmap for my wife to stablise her team as the […]

Having issues with Smartly robo-advisor

On Thurs 14 Nov, my wife got an email from Smartly that they are undergoing some changes on their website and are halting new deposits. Hence, the deposit of $300 they received the day before could not be invested and had to be returned. This was followed by an instruction for my wife to update […]

No CPF Investment Scheme and Margin Loan for us

This is likely to be my last daily post in this series for a while as I prepare for my return to work tomorrow. It’s been a good experience and as I spend the day resting at home today, I realised it’s time for me to head back to the office. My wife and confinement […]

Tax reliefs and rebate for us as first-time working parents

I went out to collect my baby’s Birth Certificate and changed the residential address on my NRIC at ICA this morning. The entire process of taking the bus and train to the ICA Building, go through the 2 processes and get back home took 1.5 hours (door-to-door). Wanted to test my public transport errand running […]