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Surrender whole life insurance and buy term life insurance

This week didn’t go well for me. My son fell sick and we brought him to the paediatrician. While he’s ok with taking the medicine, his nap and overnight sleep got affected. Coupled with the effects of having the cold and cough, he has been more cranky and difficult at times. He also couldn’t go […]

Changes to our robo-advisor accounts

We took the 2nd vaccine jab yesterday afternoon and had some Panadol after that at night as a preventative measure. The side effects are similar to the 1st vaccine jab – sore arm, body feeling warm and tiredness. We are hoping it doesn’t get worse and we start feeling better over the weekend. Anyway, Phase […]

How much CPF-OA to use for private property

We had steak and wine for dinner tonight as a last hurrah before the Phase 2A (Heightened Alert) restrictions kick in tomorrow. And we are having the 2nd vaccine jab in the afternoon as well so we are preparing to go down for a few days. We are expecting more severe side effects this time […]

Averaging down on stocks and cryptos

It’s frustrating but Singapore is returning to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). We managed to squeeze in a few dining-in gatherings over the last week and a half so we did get to catch up with some friends. But it’s a disappointing turn of events to lose that so quickly after just opening up not long […]

Averaging down on China tech stocks and ETF

Due to the regulatory crackdown on China tech companies, there has been a recent sell-off in their stocks & ETFs. I have been averaging down on my Alibaba and PinDuoDuo stocks and Lion-OCBC Securities Hang Seng Tech ETF holdings. As my investment cash has been drawn down significantly for the downpayment of the property purchase, […]

Mid year liquid assets update for 2021

I should be exercising the OTP this week and the law firm representing the seller, IRAS and my law firm will deposit the cheques for the balance deposit, stamp duty and legal fees after that. And I have prepared the cash funds in the bank account to be withdrawn after the cheques clear. It’s not […]

Downpayment and choosing a fixed rate housing loan package

I have engaged a law firm to manage the property purchase transaction and I’m preparing for the appointment to sign the Option To Purchase (OTP). Just wrote the cheques for the payment of the balance deposit, stamp duty and legal fees. This is going to draw down on my cash holding significantly and I’m reducing […]

Buying the property in single name or joint names

My wife and I went for our 1st Comirnaty vaccine jabs today. We took the day off to rest and recover in case of side effects (nothing major so far). The entire vaccination process was smooth and efficient. Our 2nd Comirnaty vaccine jabs are in 4 weeks time and both of them have been brought […]