Author: Finance Smiths

Setting up Cake Defi and transfer cryptos from Hodlnaut

It has been a busy 2 weeks as I juggle working from home with my wife working in the office. Initially, I was pleased that my boy was able to attend school this week without falling sick. He had been sick 1 week after every 2 weeks in school for the past 2 months so […]

Starting to invest CPF-OA monies with Endowus

As we get to the end of Aug, it seems to be a time of significant investing actions taken. With my CPF-OA and cash balances ready to pay for the remaining downpayment of my private property purchase, I have been busy adjusting my automated monthly investment plans to be effective from next month onwards. This […]

Setting up UOB SimpleInvest from next month onwards

We managed to send our son to preschool on Fri as he is mostly recovered from his cold and cough. It was good to have a break in the morning for us to catch up on our household chores and work. My wife had her farewell lunch and virtual send-off as she wrapped up about […]

Bought more Chinese tech stocks, ETFs and repositioned cryptos

My team at work will be transferred to a new division and I see it as an overall positive development. Conversations have also started with my team head about returning to the office to work from next month onwards. It seems like my bank is taking a more cautious approach this time round as I […]

Opened a HODLNAUT account to earn interest on my cryptos

I have been procrastinating on this for the longest time and it has been costing me lost interest. Cryptos was going through a mini-bear market in the past few months and while I was buying during the dips, I left them on my Coinhako exchange hot wallet. I didn’t transfer my cryptos out to a […]