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Telcos From A Consumer’s Point of View

In previous weeks, I have been blogging about telcos from an investor’s point of view. This week, the focus will be on a consumer’s point of view, which actually provides some useful insights into how telcos price their services.Telco charges (inclusiv…

The One That(Barely) Got Away From TTI – Kingboard Copper Foil

I feel almost too lazy to write about this. A couple of months, a reader brought up several investing ideas to my attention. The kingboard copper foil situation in particular, was interesting to me because it’s an arbitrage situation, and the investing thesis would thus be different from your typical undervaluation thesis. All details blocked […]

Can $ComfortDelGro(C52) regain its customers of taxi service? (1 Mar 17)

Can $ComfortDelGro(C52) regain its customers of taxi service? (guest post) Brief Background of ComfortDelGro: ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited is a Singapore-based investment holding and management services company. It operates in eight segments: 1) Bus & bus station 2) Rail 3) Taxi 4) car rental and leasing 5) automotive engineering services 6) inspection and testing service 7) driving centre and 8) insurance broking services and outdoor advertising.   Summary of ComfortDelGro’s recent financial performance:  The group maintains a steady growth of net profit despite a slight revenue decline caused by unfavourable currency translation this year. With the entrance and fierce competition brought by Uber […]

Integrated Shield Plans… Co-Pay or No-Pay?

having health insurance is like having clothes… do you want to be running around naked?if you have health insurance, you have swag, trust me (okay, maybe not)First thing first, I am considering changing my Shield plan. Why? I just received a letter n…

SGSAS query: Noble Accumulation? Or?

Question:hi,do u have an opinion on noble group? looks like accumulation at the 20c – 22c range.Ans:morning,Personally my last batch i got it at 0.176 and sold 225. unless it goes below 0.200, i will not touch it now.depends if you are a trader or inve…