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Portfolio Update: May 2017

I am just back in Singapore after a week long vacation and it’s nice to find out that it’s another “slow and steady” month on the portfolio front. The 15HWW portfolio increased by $6,000 to reach $406,000. The bulk of…

Hatten Land – extremely oversold RSI 15; Analyst TP: $0.435 vs closing price $0.183 (23 May 17)

Hatten Land has dropped 39% from an intraday high of $0.300 on 28 Feb 2017 to close $0.183 on 23 May 2017. What has caused the sharp decline? Where is the bottom?   Possible reasons for the decline Personally, I believe the recent decline may be attributed in part to the following: a) Hatten reported losses for its 3QFY17 results due mainly to the RM87.8m expenses incurred in relation to the professional fees and acquisition costs arising from the Reverse Takeover exercise (“RTO”). It is noteworthy that these expenses are once off and non-cash in nature [click HERE for Hatten’s […]

#04 – New Zealand Dollar

Spotted a selling opportunity on NZD/USD Monthly Chart shows clear sign of rejection on the bullish candlestick pull back by breaking its low (Previous month C.S). Overall market channel has been broken off in 2014 and has since been trending … Continue reading

7 things you need to know about LPI Capital before you invest

Perhaps, if you’re reading this, you’ve already bought several insurance policies. Individually, these policies include a medical card and multiple life insurance products. If you have a car, you would’ve bought motor insurance. If you are a property owner, you would’ve purchased multiple insurance products to insure damages against fire, theft and natural disasters. Hopefully, we […]