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Moya Asia stock In my post yesterday, made before the stocks markets opened, I commented that “it is not a matter of whether but a matter of when” for the resistance of Moya Asia stock at $0.115 to be cleared. True enough, Moya Asia stock broke through this very resistance yesterday to reach an intra-day high of $0.124 and closed a tad lower at $0.12 yesterday. Read more »

How To Recover From Your Work Screw-ups and Solve Your Mistakes

Screw-ups at Work: The Recovery Everyone’s done it at one time or another. You’ve made a mistake at work and the ripple effect is getting larger. Maybe your colleagues have noticed your error. Perhaps your boss, too. Worst of all is when an effect of your screw-up threatens to harm the reputation of your organisation outside the office’s own four walls. There’s no single cookie-cutter method to reverse a mistake, but the best advice to help you recover from a mistake is simple: admit your mistake, solve the problem and move on. How to Recover from Work Screw-Ups involving Your Boss The worst work screw-up you can make is forgetting to follow the direct instructions of your boss. This may lead to your boss being terribly disappointed in you. Your boss is your leader and you’re supposed to follow his directions. If you fail to do so, it will make your boss feel as though he or she has failed. By failing to garner your respect for both himself or herself and the company, your boss may perceive a decrease in your value as an employee of the organisation. If you’ve forgotten to attend a meeting that was called and […]

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SPH, Ng Yat Chung

Mr Ng Yat Chung, currently the CEO of Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) would take over Mr Alan Chan to be CEO of Singapore Press Holdings with effect from 1 Sep 2017. Mr Ng Yat Chung has spent a large part of his career with the SAF, becoming the Chief of Army and then the Chief of Defence where he assumed the rank of a Lieutenant-General (LG). Thereafter, LG(NS) Ng assumed the position of Senior Managing Director of Temasek Holdings before taking the helm of NOL as its CEO. Read more »

Is ISOTeam over-rated?

ISOTeam, a Catalist-listed company that specializes in eco-conscious Repairs and Redecoration (“R&R”), Addition and Alteration (“A&A”) and complementary niche services specialist in Singapore, announced a set of mixed financial results for 9MFY17. The group maintained its net attributable profit at S$5.1 million for the nine months ended 31 March 2017 despite a 5.2% dip in […]

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Accordia Golf Trust and lower DPU.

Hey AK, what do you make of Accordia Golf Trust latest results? Looks pretty dismal, all important numbers are down. Any positives to it at all?

eh… you say leh?

From the numbers I don’t see anything good. But management…


Cover Letter Mistakes That You Can Easily Fix To Save Your Career

Blast away those Cover Letter Blunders! You always want your job application’s cover letter to get your submission off to a brilliant start. Since your cover letter is the very first impression conveyed to a potential employer, it’s a super-important piece of writing. But not only does it need to clearly say “Here I am!” Your cover letter also needs to hit the reader’s sweet spot. Many job applicants unwittingly build unconsidered or inconsistent elements into their letter, causing the reader to squirm a bit and read no further. Here are five of the most common mistakes made in cover letters and some recommendations on how to avoid them. First Cover Letter Blunder that’s Easily Fixed – Introducing Yourself with Your Name If you ignore what seems to be a common trend and think logically, you’ll see that starting a letter with your name is rather inefficient. Your name does not define any of your qualities or skills,  since you’re probably not a renowned individual. It’s crucial to introduce yourself right off the bat regarding your job qualifications. The hirer is first and foremost interested in seeing if you’re qualified for the job. If you’re not qualified, the hirer probably […]

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