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13 things you need to know about Petronas Chemical Group before you invest

Let us take a moment to look around. Perhaps, as you’re reading this, you could be at home, in the office, or even travelling. Most things, if not everything, that you can see, touch, and consume have petrochemicals. They are found in a variety of products, ranging from fertilisers to food packaging, from paints to […]

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Dear readers, let us track the performance of the STI constituent stocks once again. I am particularly interested in which of the STI stocks are overbought and which are oversold.

Oversold stocks include ComfortDelgro stock and SIA Engineering stock. ComfortDelro stock has remain oversold for quite sometime as the stock price seems to form a bottom. SIA Engineering stock on the converse, is still trending on the high side despite being oversold on the RSI side. Read more »

Weekend Crypto Bloodbath Aftermath

Bitcoin went down 20% just this weekend.Ethereum went down 35% during the same time too. I hope you managed to bunker down and dodge the massive shit storm in the crypto markets that happened over the weekend.Well, you really can’t say that I didn’t wa…

Interest Rate Hedging Smoke Screen

After US Federal Reserve increased interest rates in Dec, Mar and Jun, and after Yellen’s congressional speech last Wed, interest rates are confirmed on the way up. This will impact companies with large debts, especially REITs, as higher interest expen…

5 reasons why insurance is sexier than investment.

You hastily answer your phone call as you stumbled past the gantry. “Paiseh, MRT break down again. No, they never announce it again. 3 more minute la! Ok, at BK!” Ending your call quickly, you head for the agreed rendezvous point. Just as you manage to find your direction, you spot something intriguing from the […]

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Funds transfer into StashAway Singapore robo-advisor account

It’s been a few days since my wife set up her StashAway Singapore robo-advisor account. As I have mentioned previously, we went with a very aggressive General Investing portfolio. It has a 69% growth ETFs vs 31% protective ETFs split. These ETFs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which is why any […]

Tips To Ensure You Will Not Outlive Your Retirement Fund

Retiring in Hong Kong: How to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Fund One of the biggest challenges in saving for a retirement fund is ensuring that you will not outlive it. When you outlive your fund, that means you no longer have the finances to fund your twilight years. That can become a problem when you are too old to go back to work and your physical body is no longer able to support your financial needs.   You have to understand that in Hong Kong, the ageing population is living longer than expected. According to the data from, the good health care system is to be thanked for that. The elderly are able to get medical treatment when they need it because the government set up an effective health care system. The public hospitals and medical professionals are at par with the private counterpart and cost significantly less.   This fact tells you that there is a high chance that you might outlive your retirement fund. So do not leave yourself to chance. You do not want the last few years of your life to be miserable just because you do not have the money to live a comfortable […]

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Dear readers, on 13 Jul 2017, I have revealed the name of a stock which may make readers rich (you can read the post here ) and yes indeed, Fu Yu (which means “Rich” in mandarin) started to respond (whether coincidentally or not, I do not know) to my aspirations for this stock on the very same day, closing 0.5% higher. On 14 Jul 2017, the trading volume of Fu Yu stock increased by almost seven times that of the previous day with an impressive rally in price of 2.5%!
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