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8 things you need to know about BIMB Holdings before you invest

Today, Islamic banking remains as a key driver of growth in the local banking industry in Malaysia. Over the past decade, both local and foreign banks have set up Islamic banks to provide a wide range of Shariah-based financial services to local Muslim customers which made up approximately 70% of the population of Malaysia. To […]

2nd Qtr 2017 : Dividend and Portfolio Update

The last company in my holding “ Accordia Golf Trust “ announced
the result and dividend on 25th May while I was still busy catching “Pokemon “ . Is time to calculate and tabulate my dividend & interest income to be received in coming months for 2nd Qtr 2017

Total Dividend & Interest Income for
2nd Qtr 2017 = $62,964.11

** Total
amount receive still about $972 lower than last

SingTel at a cross-road

The gloves are off as SingTel engages in a battle with Australian rival, TPG Telecom. In late last year, TPG Telecom won the rights to become Singapore’s fourth telco operator. In early April this year, TPG shocked the market by winning the rights to become Australia fourth mobile operator in Australia. It is still early […]

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2017 Singapore REITs Symposium Review: Valuable Insights From CEOs

Heartland Boy has always felt that time spent with Management would improve his investment outcome. Somehow, seeing Management address questions in person are not the same as reading the answers from the various analyst reports. However, ever since he was posted to Jakarta, he has found it increasingly difficult to gain access to management. For instance, […]

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Didn’t Get The Job? Here’s Why The Hirer Rejected You!

You came out of the job interview feeling confident that everything went OK. The HR representative seemed to like your qualifications and smiled quite a bit during the interview. So your heart beats a little quicker when your inbox blinks or an unknown phone number rings you, or there’s a letter in your mailbox from the organisation. This must be the moment, you think; they’re telling me I got the job. When the message turns out just the opposite, the moment becomes a big let-down when you learn that your application wasn’t successful. Figuring out why you didn’t get the job is essential so that you can approach your next application and interview in a constructive manner. Why the Hirer Rejected You – Factors You Can Control Factors under your control that may have led to a rejection often involve mistakes made during or after the interview. An interview has to go perfectly in order to get you a job offer. Reflect back on your interview and check if it went well in the eyes of the employer. At the interview did you give the impression of being an average person with everyday qualifications? If so, this is a weak […]

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