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Dear readers, these are the ten mid-cap stocks (each having a market-capitalization of at least $500 million) which are trading at their 52-weeks lows.

Are these stocks discount-buys or are they value-traps?

1) Bumitama Agri Ltd.

2) Del Monte Pacific Limited

3) Hotel Grand Central Limited

4) Japfa Ltd.

5) Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation LtdRead more »

First Crypto Cash Out

Slightly over a month ago, I bought a certain crypto (I will not name it).Today, I decided to sell some of it…. at a +446% gain.I won’t give you a dollar figure (obviously), but I can assure you that the profit is in the thousands, NOT in hundre…

Detailed information on Contract for Difference

In the financial market it’s hard to become successful if you don’t have the proper understanding, so, do you think that Singaporean traders have the understanding? Of course, they are successful due to their understanding of the market. When the trader enters and exits a trade it is known as Contract for Difference. It is an instrument which is used to trade the underlying asset. There is no actual ownership of the underlying asset but the profits and losses are realized when the asset price is moved. This contract will be between the broker and the client and as novice traders; you should focus more on it. With the improvement in trading CFD, the market has widened and there are numerous advantages as well. In this article, you will be able to learn more about CFD.

The strategy used by novice traders

Due to the simplicity, many novice traders use the RSI strategy. The market strength can be found by using the RSI strategy especially, it is used in order to find the bearish and bullish market. The positions of buy and sell will be based on the lines and the points on it. As the novice traders, it’s your duty to understand the RSI strategy by researching it more since it will help you to become a successful CFD trader.

The leverage benefit

There are differences between the CFD leverage and traditional leverage so it’s essential to learn it. The 2% margin requirement is the lowest percentage in the CFD market and it starts from this 2% .The margin requirement will vary depending on the asset such as assets, commodities, and etc. you will gain greater returns when the margin requirement is lower. You should keep in mind that increased leverage is a risk which you should bear.

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Should I invest in Cryptocurrency?

I have been reading GMGH’s recent posts about Cryptocurrency. The latest one being Don’t Crybaby To Me About Bitcoins & Cryptos. His posts piqued my interest in Cryptocurrency, which is a financial topic that I have no knowledge of. Not even a cursory understanding of it. I know it is a digital currency that used […]

Investment Clock : What Time Is It ?

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Pursuant to
my previous blog post about market cycles and “4 Seasons Investing “, there is
another way of explaining the market cycles i.e “ Investment Clock “.

The idea of
an investment clock has been around for decades and it captures two very important things in investment :  

1) Business and Market move in cycle 

2) No
sector or asset