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Why Insurance is a Good Investment for Yourself? ~TFIF 2017 Series

In this recap series of The Future Is Female conference 2017, we delve into one of the panels, Why Insurance Is A Good Investment For Yourself.  “You can’t trust anything that you don’t understand. The insurance industry has many channels and technologies that simplify investments into ways that everyone can understand,” -Philipp Kristian, an Innovation Specialist. While insurance is commonly associated with health, it is more than that. If you invest a good insurance policy for yourself, you may just be able to secure your wealth better. Bryan Low, Citi-NIE Trainer, shared a personal example of his late father who had to liquidate his portfolio to fund his medical expenses because he has no insurance coverage. It is an instance that shows the importance of insurance in times of emergency. The baseline for any insurance is protection, but a long-term coverage should include protection for total permanent disability and critical illnesses. Although there are many products available for such coverage, only one in five Singaporeans has subscribed to an insurance that covers all these. Therefore, it is important to encourage your family and friends and yourself to have insurance. Insurance Coverage for Common Chronic Diseases How does an insurance work […]

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June 2017 Weekend Ramblings

There’s been a lot on my mind lately.It is no help that the cryptocurrency world is moving so fast! ICOs are popping up left and right, but the good news is that I’m rapidly learning, so I am able to get a feel of how good or bad an ICO is going to be….

Temasek Holdings’ Pre-IPO investment in HRnetGroup

On 16 June 2017, HRnetGroup’s IPO on the SGX Mainboard created much hype among retail investors and local finance bloggers. Many investors had wanted a slice of the IPO because of the excellent financial performance indicated in the prospectus. But many investors may not be aware of Temasek Holding’s Pre-IPO investment in HRnetGroup. What is […]

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Are Structured Products Good Investments?

Structured Products are gaining traction again even after the 2008 financial crisis. A particular type of Structured Product, called Structured Notes, led to the undoing of many retail investors in Singapore at the advent of the crisis. The public seems to have forgotten the crisis itself because there has been growth in demand for structured products, particularly structured deposits, which somehow offers a guaranteed return of capital, unlike structured notes. What are Structured Deposits? Structured Deposits work like having someone win a card game for you (with money at stake) so that you can win the pot. The deal won’t be on until you put some money down and you can’t withdraw from the bet until someone wins. If your proxy wins, you share the pot. If your proxy loses, you lose a part of your money. Unlike traditional deposits, structured deposits offer variable growth rate, which depends on the performance of any instrument, security, or derivative. For example, if a structure deposit tracks a basket of equities, the structure deposit’s returns increases as the equities perform better. Structured deposits have variable maturity dates. There’s a chance that your structured deposit that has a maturity of 3 years won’t necessarily […]

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