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8 investing pitfalls every investor should avoid (and how to overcome them)

The market is highly uncertain. This fact alone, coupled with the many natural emotions of people when dealing with their own money, makes many individual investors prone to numerous pitfalls during their investing process. In this article, I want to share the 8 largest pitfalls (in my opinion) that investors can make before, during and […]

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No One Is Naturally Good At Pitching

Lots of people downplay the amount of preparation it takes to achieve something impressive. I was first introduced to this idea by Ramit Sethi in this blog post: That behind every every impressive feat lies a HUGE amount of preparation. You only see the results, but you almost never hear about the hours and hours […]


Singapore Reits

Dear readers, there are 18 Singapore Reits/Trusts which are the cheapest in terms of Price-to-Book ratio: they are undervalued having a Price-to-Book ratio of less than 1 each. Let us take a look at these 18 Reits/Trusts below (note: the Price-to-Book ratio for each Reit/Trust is indicated next to the name of the Reit/Trust):

1) Fortune Real Estate Investment Trust 0.7

2) Far East Hospitality Trust 0.75

3) Sabana Shari’ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust 0.75

4) Ascott Residence Trust 0.75

5) Keppel REIT 0.76

6) OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust 0.82

7) Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust 0.83

8) Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust 0.84Read more »

Change App: What really has changed?

On my newsfeed, this article from the Change blog was shared and that led me to visit the Change site.While I initially thought to myself, “Ooo, what’s this cool idea?”, I realized that I had actually stumbled upon this before, and I thought it was rub…