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Dear readers, have you noticed the change in blog description at the top of Singapore Stocks Investing blog? The previous header read “SINGAPORE STOCKS INVESTING (“SSI”) is a magazine-styled online portal providing insights into Singapore Stocks Investing”. But now, look again at the header. Yes, a brand new header for Singapore Stocks Investing blog which reads: “Singapore Stocks Investing made RELEVANT AND SIMPLE”.

You may ask what has prompted me to revamp the header or tagline for Singapore Stocks Investing? Well, the main motivation is you, readers who have quietly stand by me through your continuous readership of Singapore Stocks Investing. Through your comments and shares on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook. Your support is important and goes a long way into motivating me to produce even greater contents right here on this blog for you readers with an aim to better financial education for retail investors in Singapore equities. Read more »


Singapore stocks

Dear readers, amidst the more volatile global stocks markets backdrop, some investors will prefer to hold their investments over a longer term rather than carry out regular trades. To hold one’s investments, one need to ensure that their stocks have good fundamentals. Do the following stocks, each having a dividend yield of at least around 4%, a low debt (debt-to-equity ratio of less than around 20%) and undervalued at Price-to-Book ratio of below one good investing ideas?

1) CDW Holding Limited

2) CosmoSteel Holdings Limited

3) CSE Global Limited

4) Ellipsiz Ltd

5) Far East Orchard Limited

6) Fu Yu Corporation Limited
Read more »

The Small Cushion That Warrants Provide

I have a small, speculative strategy affectionately called the “minion strategy”, which involves throwing a small amount of money into certain depressed stocks that have the potential for a turnaround. The money is mentally written off the moment it is…

Why investing in ETFs can be a problem for you

Just to be clear. I’m still sticking to my Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Value Cost Averaging (VCA) of index ETFs and robo-advisor accounts strategy. This post is my attempt at understanding how investing in ETFs can be a problem as more and more people engage in it. Specifically when people in different age groups, […]