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Break The Glass Ceiling: 4 Asian Women Shaking Up Traditional Industries

We know the days when we are feeling low and a bit lost while we work towards our success. Here are some motivating thoughts from 4 Asian Women who are shaking up traditional industries: Esther Nguyen Before there was something like Spotify, people had a hard time getting access to their favourite music and other forms of media. With the help of the Internet, one can then explore the music downloading scene and even illegal downloading or piracy, but at the risk of getting different sorts of spams and viruses. Instead of a problem, however, Esther Nguyen saw this as an opportunity. Source: techinasia.cpm How she broke the glass ceiling  Nguyen was born to Vietnamese parents but was brought up in the United States. It was there that she delved into her first business venture, particularly selling cosmetics online, which did not work out. After that, she also explored green technology, but back then, investors were not very much interested in this either; little did she know then that her future success was in the combination of media and tech industries. After pursuing a law degree, she could not help but put her entrepreneurial skills to test once more. This

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SingTel and Netlink NBN Trust.

Some people keep asking me what have I bought recently. 

Hmm. Let me see.

Eggs, extra virgin olive oil, butter, dark chocolate, matcha ice cream and some other stuff.

What? Wrong answer?

Jokes aside, to those who like asking me what did I…

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