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Portfolio Update: March 2018

The volatility that I talked about last month has appeared to be a non-event on hindsight. The STI has since climbed back to above 3,500 and is just a few percentage points away from this year’s high. Perhaps just like…


Dear readers, with the stocks markets getting rather choppier, stocks markets downturns, a possibility which is fretted by many, especially those with lots of their monies into the markets already may not be too remote. If one is caught flat-footed during such downturns, then I believe that the information below should of some interest to you. Read more »

Practical Advice for Millennials to Climb the Corporate Ladder in Asia

The working population of the world today seems to be under a lot of pressure. More than that, millennials seem to be getting most of the heat as they are often criticized for not achieving and not having the purchasing power and properties the way their parents and grandparents did back in the day. But […]

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Singapore Employment Act Proposed Changes

Remember my post one and a half years ago about my friend making a claim against his employer and how difficult it was? Basically, a PMET with monthly basic salary of more than S$4,500 is not covered under the Singapore Employment Act and I was questioning the purpose of having a salary cap. In March […]