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To The Folks Who Meet My Sister

My sister has autism. She’s 30 this year, and she’s had it for as long as I can remember. She’s probably the most joyful person I know. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have to deal with, y’know, jobs or bills or angry clients. She sings to herself. She eats with gusto. When we scold her […]

Singapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart Jan-2018

Original post from Singapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart base on Jan 1, 2018 Singapore REITs Table.   See last Singapore REITs Price/NAV here to see the changes. Included Keppel KBS US REIT and Cromwell European REIT in the Price/NAV for comparison. How’s the valuation compare to other office REITs?   Disclaimer: This chart is NOT a recommendation to buy or … Read moreSingapore REIT Price / NAV Range Chart Jan-2018

No, the Stock Market Did Not Crash in 2017

A year ago, I blogged about the trend that the stock market usually experiences a crash whenever the year ends with 7 (see Another Year That Ends with 7). As it turns out, not only did the stock market not crash, it rose significantly. The STI rose fro…


Dear readers, let us have a listen in to The Edge Singapore as it shares its views on Keppel Corp amidst its recent bribery scandal. Do listen in to what The Edge colleague has to say for other Singapore stocks. Join the emailing list to receive regular Financial and Singapore stocks newsletters too! Like” me on Singapore Stocks Investing Facebook page to receive all posts on your Facebook as well as read more articles. Follow me on Twitter too.

CPF Interest and Contributions

It’s a rest day for me today. We went out the entire day yesterday and had a dinner gathering at our friend’s place. Enjoyed the home-cooked dinner, wine and the board game we played together after that. It was different from the usual board games we played where we competed against each other to be […]

Tenants’ tough fight against their Landlords

The landscape for retail has changed dramatically these few years as online e-commerce have become more accessible, due to the improvement in the retail supply chain and processes of online retailers. Thus, more and more consumers are purchasing what they need online. This means that retailers need less space. For retailers that are primarily brick […]

FUD and Shill, Pump and Dump

These days, everything is a FUD or a shill.Talk positively about something? Shill.Talk negatively about something? FUD.The kids (literally) in crypto are too emotionally attached to some of their holdings.So screw it. I decided I can’t save them all fr…