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Here are 3 Healthcare Companies That Are Trading Close To A 52 Week Low

One of the fastest growing industries in Singapore is the healthcare industry. There are numerous reasons for growth in this sector, including a longer life span coupled with ageing population. In Singapore, there are many listed companies that are exposed to this sector; Raffles Medical Group Ltd. (SGX: BSL), IHH Healthcare Berhad (SGX: Q0F), Q & M […]

How To Choose The Right Type Of Mortgage

Home Buying In Hong Kong: Which Mortgage Type is Best For You?   If you want to buy a property in Hong Kong, you have to choose the right type of mortgage to help finance this purchase.   According to an article published on the website of the Hong Kong Free Press, properties here are “outrageously expensive.” In fact, the article revealed that paying half of your salary for rent is the norm in the city. Imagine how much of your budget is being eaten by your housing needs? While buying a house may seem like a huge financial endeavour, it is one that will benefit you in the long run.   Being a home owner is not an easy feat. There are so many responsibilities and payments to make, and the mortgage that you have to borrow can be very expensive. But you need to view this from a different angle. If you continue to rent, a huge chunk of your income will only make your landlord or landlady rich. However, if you buy your own home, even if it is financed by a home loan, every payment you make will be credited towards the equity of your home. […]

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Why NOT Government-backed Cryptos

While many people are just waiting for the day that a government will back a crypto (I’m talking tokenization of a sovereign currency, not legalization as a form of payment), legitimize it and make it mainstream before they jump in on the crypto hype, …

Strategies and suggestions for consistent profit.

I approved this friend request on FB and I thought it should be pretty safe since 28 of my FB friends are his friends. So, what happened?

Hi sir
Thanks for accepting my request 🙂
seems like we have some similar interest
like investing and…

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Property Investment Course On How To Choose The Best Property

The property market is experiencing a mini revival now. Recent launches such as Park Place Residences sold out its released units in a single day, a phenomenon that had not happened in the last 5 years! Given the strengthening sentiments, developers are also bidding for land aggressively.  Add to the fact that the mainstream media […]

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