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Singapore TOTO

Dear readers, yesterday morning, looking at the not so long queues, I entered into the fray, not into the MMA ring but I bought $2 worth of TOTO, something which I have not been doing for a very long time. The rest is as they say history since like many of those who buy TOTO, I did not win any prizes, only managing to have two of the numbers matching the selected winning TOTO numbers. Read more »

Smart Hacks For Cyber Shopaholics

The Internet has provided us with a lot of conveniences; with just a flew clicks or taps, you can communicate with your friend living on the other side of the world, meet new people, get a job and do your work, and of course, do your regular shopping. But what many do not know is that there are ways to make the most of your time and money whenever you shop online. Here are some smart hacks for cyber shopaholics: Stick to sites with free shipping. Not sure what size would actually fit you? This would not be too much of a problem if you opt for free-shipping online shopping sites. This way, you can buy a certain product in more than just one size, try them on, and return those that don’t fit well. Just don’t forget to check out the website’s return and exchange policies. More than that, that $10-20 shipping fee can be used to buy another item or two instead, and if you do a lot of online shopping, these shopping fees combined could actually amount to a lot more. If there are specialised online shopping sites that you religiously follow but do not give out

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