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1-2-3 To Be A Successful Investor


If you are looking
for investing ideas or methods of successful investment , guess you will often
hear this in any investment seminars , talks or even encountered this many
times in newspaper or blogs , i.e “Investing is simple, not easy” ,the famous quote from our legendary and super-investor Warren Buffet.

As human
nature , we like to simplify things


Moya Asia stock

Yesterday (5 Jul 2017), Moya Asia stock rallied by an impressive 6% to reach a close of $0.106. And what is equally impressive is that the rally is on high volume. In my earlier posts, I have shared that the support of Moya Asia stock is at $0.098/$0.099 and true enough, Moya Asia stock consolidated at this level and before anyone could know it, this stock just rallied by 6% to reach at $0.106! Read more »