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Dear readers, the STI carried out a good rebound of 1.14% north yesterday to reach a close of 3,516.23. To appreciate the rally, let us look at the STI ETF, an ETF which tracks the STI. When the Singapore stocks markets corrected recently, the STI ETF went to a low of $3.35 on 9 Feb 2018. Yesterday, the STI ETF, buoyed by the STI rally went to a high of $3.52. This means that if an investor has bought into the STI ETF at $3.35 for a cool 3,000 shares at a total investment of $10,050 and sells the ETF at $3.52 for a profit of $0.17 per ETF share (around 4.82% profit margin), the investor would have profited a cool $510 before transaction fees.Read more »

10 insurance commandments that everyone should live by

Life insurance may seem complex at times. A lot of mumbo jumbos and technical jargons that can literally give you a headache. Moreover, different people are saying different things about insurance.     All you want is to buy the right policy and move on. You desire clarity. You want someone who definitely knows a […]

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10 things we learned from the 2018 Top Glove AGM

Top Glove Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber gloves. Its range of gloves include latex powdered gloves, latex powder-free gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl/TPE/ CPE glove and surgical gloves. The company operates in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Europe and the U.S. and exports its products worldwide to 195 countries. Top Glove was established on 1991 […]

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SG Budget Babe on Budget 2018

If you were wondering whether that girl you saw on TV yesterday night was me, yes it was!Channel News Asia (CNA) had kindly invited me to be part of their Ask the Finance Minister 2018 show, where they gathered 5 Singaporeans from different walks …

Why most people cannot achieve their investment goal?

  I have been wondering many years why most people are not able to invest properly after attending expensive courses and many seminars. I have seen many smart people and professionals like lawyer, doctor, CFO, Managing Director, accountants, engineers, scientist, etc still are struggling in their own investment planning and meeting their investment goal. I … Read moreWhy most people cannot achieve their investment goal?