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Dear readers, the Singapore Stocks STI closed at 3,280.87 on the last day of the first half of Year 2018 (29 Jun 2018). On the first day of the trading year (2 Jan 2018), the STI opened for the year at 3,430.30, hence the STI has retreated by around 4.36% for the year-to-date. In the earlier part of May 2018, the STI was hovering around the high 3,600 mark with the highest point reached by the STI at 3,641.65. So now, for investors, as the Singapore stocks markets opens soon, what should investors expect for the second half of year 2018? Read more »

Singapore REIT Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table – 1 July 2018

FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (FTSE ST REIT Index) decreases from  800.42 to 786.10 (-1.79%) as compared to last post on Singapore REIT Fundamental Comparison Table on June 1, 2018.  The REIT index has broken the 800 support and all 3 Moving Averages are turning down. This is a signal of bearish down trend.   The REIT Index has … Read moreSingapore REIT Fundamental Analysis Comparison Table – 1 July 2018

Crypto Case Study: Bamboo (Acorns, for Crypto)

If we want to talk about the crypto version of Acorns, we first need to know, what is Acorns?That’s Acorns. It’s a very, very, very interesting way and tool to help people save small amounts of money without thinking about it, and also a way to invest …

Investments for June 2018

Automated Investing for June 2018: S$1,300 Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan Buy 27 units of SPDR STI ETF (SGX: ES3) Buy 27 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (SGX: G3B) Buy 96 units of Lion Phillip S REIT ETF (SGX: CLR) Buy 88 units of Nikko AM REIT ETF (SGX: CFA) Buy 67 units of […]