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*Get Financially Fit: 4 Steps To Be In Better Financial Shape

You may not notice it, but building your fortune is much like building your dream body: it’s easy to think about it but to actually do it and achieve it is another thing. Much like dieting and working out, it’s easy to say that you are going to start saving and investing. However, it’s also […]

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2017 in Retrospect, 2018 Looking Ahead

2017 in RetrospectI think 2017 is one of the most important and eventful years of my entire life. It’s the year that I re-discovered crypto.I did the first half of the year as usual. Not interesting at all. Bought stocks, sold stocks, boring shit.It wa…

My Annual Review of 2017 and What to Expect in 2018

Annual reviews are a time where you take stock of what you did well in the past year, where you did not do so well. We seldom like to write diary posts like this but at least some things have to be forced upon ourselves (you are not a blogger so you do not have […]

The Ultimate Guidebook to the Best Cashback Tools in Singapore

If your new year’s resolution for 2018 is to save more money, one fantastic way to start is to get maximum cashback and rewards from your expenses.

My stance towards money is very simple – I believe in always getting the best value for my dollar whenever I spend. To achieve this, I’m always on the lookout for the best deals and tools that can help me on my financial journey.

Imagine if you could get cash back on your income tax payments to IRAS (or other mandatory expenses like utility bills, school fees and rental), and be rewarded for every dollar you spend on food, travel and shopping. As I mentioned in my previous post here on how I managed to double my net worth within a year, one of the important factors was in all the cashback I received on my expenses. Every dollar counts.

The idea to create an Ultimate Cashback Guidebook was born when a number of you guys privately messaged me asking for my “hacks” to getting more cash back on my dollar(s). As such, what you’re about to access is the product of months of research and meetings (with the respective founders of the tools I’ll be introducing in the book), in order to understand the real value they’re bringing to our lives and how we can maximise them.

Of course, you should not neglect to make your savings work harder for you by parking it in a high-yield bank savings account. Most of the better ones have been reviewed on this blog in previous articles (use the search button on the right), but here’s a quick overview:

What else is included in the guidebook:
  • Best credit cards for cashback
    • Bonus: Best debit cashback card
  • Best high-yield bank savings accounts
  • Cashback for insurance, loans, and other non-discretionary expenses
  • This tool gives you 2X the cashback
  • Buy 4D on weekends and keep your ticket price regardless of whether your numbers win or lose (instead of donating it to Singapore Pools)
  • Getting free miles on top of your cashback
  • Getting 50% discounts all the time, any day and every day
  • Cashback apps that are a waste of time
  • Promo codes and reader offers

Note that I’m not paid a single cent to write or give out this guidebook, and none of the content in the guidebook are sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. If you appreciate the work that I’ve done and in keeping this as a free resource, please consider supporting me on my Patreon page here.

Here’s how you can access a copy of
The Ultimate Guidebook to the Best Cashback Tools in Singapore:

  • For readers subscribed to the mailing list, you would have received an email from me with a password. Click here to unlock your copy.
  • A copy has also been provided to the partners who have provided valuable assistance in making this guidebook possible. If you’re a staff / user with the below companies, you can access your copy here with the provided password that has been disseminated to your marketing lead through these respective links:

The full comparison table of all cards reviewed in the guidebook are provided below.

Have a fantastic 2018 ahead, and may this help you to maximise all your cashback this year!

With love,
Budget Babe

Dec 2017 Net Worth Update and Wrap Up

This is my last net worth update for the year 2017 in Dec. Just updated the figures in our Net Worth Google Sheet and we now officially have 2 years worth of accurate data to look back on starting from Dec 2015. Yearly patterns in behaviour when it comes to our expenses, savings, investments and […]


Singapore stocks 2018

Dear readers, finally we come to the last day of Year 2017. We will be ushering in Year 2018 at the stroke of midnight later and as the usual saying goes: “How time flies”. I am not sure whether you like time to quickly progress but for myself, I would wish for time to slow down a little. Yes, as a child, I would like time to progress a little bit fast since exams and curriculum would conclude earlier and holidays would set in faster. But fast forward to today, as a middle-aged man who, like many, spend most of my waking hours at work, I would wish for more time to spend with families, spend on my personal interests and as well as to relax a little. I have to admit that after every work day, I may not be in the best state to spend time with my family as inevitably, I am tired. But I believe what matters most is to give your efforts and try. Read more »