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Now UOB Reduces the Bonus Interest You can Earn on Your UOB One Account.

So after DBS reduce the bonus interest on their DBS Multiplier Account, it is UOB’s turned to reduce the bonus interest on their UOB One Account. The UOB One have been a popular account among many because you would only need to fulfill $500 a month of credit card spend plus 3 GIRO transactions / […]

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Age 18 to 26? You Should Open A StanChart JumpStart Account

If you are 18 to 26, this StanChart JumpStart savings account should be the savings account of your choice.

Account Benefits:

  1. 2% p.a. interest on deposits up to $20,000. 0.1% (the prevailing interest rate) for balances above $20,000.
  2. No fees and minimum deposit balance required
  3. 1% p.a. cashback on eligible debit card spendings

Compared Against Other Savings Accounts
The 2 other more popular high-interest savings plans are the OCBC360 (effective interest of 3.45% p.a.) and the DBS Multiplier (up to 3.8% p.a.).
However, for DBS and OCBC, to get higher interest rates from these banks, you need to have performed several eligible transactions.

For example, to earn 2% interest for your first $25,000 from the DBS Multiplier account, you need to credit your salary and transact in at least 1 category (credit card spending, mortgage repayment, insurance, or investment).

However, for the Standard Chartered JumpStart account, there are no transactions required to fulfil to earn the 2% interest.

DBS Multiplier account requirements to earn higher interest.

Source: DBS

OCBC360 account requirements to earn higher interest.

Source: OCBC

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Why This Is For You?
If you are someone with huge savings (>$50,000), or has a mortgage, or is investing, or has bought insurance from DBS or OCBC, then the OCBC360 and DBS Multiplier account might be more suitable for you than the StanChart JumpStart.

For young adults age 18 to 26, some are in NS, some are studying, and some are already working.
At these stages of our lives, we don’t have a lot of financial activities to qualify for the high interest given by the other banks like DBS and OCBC.
In that case, maybe the JumpStart account is a better choice for you.

Our Take:
If you are 18 to 26 years old:
Unless you are getting 2% interest on your $20,000 savings via other savings account, it might be better for you to save your money in this StanChart JumpStart account.

If you are a parent with a kid(s) that are 18 to 26 years old.

  1. Tell them to create this account and save money inside to earn higher interest.
  2. If they don’t want to switch bank account, then use their name to open the account. But instead of depositing their money, you deposit your own savings and earn the 2% interest for yourself.

What Happens When I Reached 27
You will no longer get the 2% p.a. interest, but instead will start getting the prevailing interest rates of 0.1%

How Do I Sign Up For the StanChart JumpStart Savings Account?
You can use your SingPass MyInfo to sign up for the JumpStart account.

You can click this LINK to submit your application.

You can find out more information about the JumpStart account HERE.

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SIA share price faces brutal meltdown

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Is the worst over for SIA share price? In all honesty, I don’t know. At this point of writing, the number of people infected by COVID-19 stood at 784,000 and number of deaths amounted to 38,000. The epic USD2 trillion stimulus package by US government had provided some boost to the stock market. But whether this is a sustainable run or just a bull trap remains to be seen. In this regard, is this a false dawn for SIA share price?

SIA share price to rock or melt with Special Share?

SIA share price crashed into wall

SIA share price nearing 20-year low

SIA share price in crisis mode

SIA share price

Indeed, the devastating COVID-19 has brought the entire aviation industry to its knee and roiled SIA share price to no end. With border controls tightening around the whole world, the national carrier is forced to cut its flight capacity by a staggering 96%. In the early days, I predicted a V-shape recovery for SIA share price using 2003 SARS as point of reference. But it seems that I had grossly underestimated the impact of COVID-19.

With so many aircraft grounded, the airline could be facing cash …

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DBS Multiplier Bonus Interest on First $25,000 Reduces Slightly By 0.08% to 0.25%

A quarter after DBS announced that they will change how they handle the bonus interest to their popular DBS Multiplier accounts, they announce a reduction in Bonus interest rates for the first S$25,000 deposits. This morning, DBS published an important revision notice for the interest rate for Income + 1 transactions in 1 category with […]

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The coronavirus crash and investment opportunities

Jessica Foreman   The coronavirus outbreak has pushed every country around the world to its limits. Indeed, Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan described this as an ‘acid test’ of the healthcare, governance and social capital of a country.   Yet, while some countries have struggled to keep pace with events and have seemingly been in … Read more The coronavirus crash and investment opportunities