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Suntec REIT in royal mess up!

What a royal mess up! It has been a long time since my last coverage on Suntec REIT and it appears to me that this counter had plunged into some sort of crisis. Revenue from its office segment declined for five consecutive quarters on year-on-year basis since end 2017. That dismal showing saw former CEO Chan Kok Leong throwing in the towel in October 2018.

How did the former CEO of Suntec REIT mess up is beyond my understanding. From the data, it was shown that since 2016, the committed occupancy for Suntec REIT’ Singapore office rose from 98% to 99.5%. This was an impressive performance against the average overall Central Business District Grade A occupancy of 92%. But in every quarter of FY2018, revenue from office declined on year-on-year basis. This can only mean one thing – that the office rentals had been renewed at lower rates, resulting in revenue destruction for Suntec REIT in FY2018.

Suntec REIT

Amid the current bull run across the sector-wide S-REIT, the ailing performance of Suntec REIT stands out like a sore thumb. The laggard performance of this venerable S-REIT is actually legitimate due to its lacklustre operational performance. Despite the struggle, DPU remained resilient, …

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