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CPF LIFE or Private Annuity Plan?

Disadvantages of using Private Annuity Plan instead of CPF LIFE.Although this post title is “Disadvantage”, but we included some “Advantage” of Private Annuity against CPF LIFE too below.From what we have found, Private Annuity Plans available in the m…

Largest investments updated (4Q 2019).

From my last couple of blogs, readers would be able to get an idea of what might have changed in my portfolio.

Since the last blog, however, I have made another significant investment or, more accurately, reinvestment.

What am I talking…

[[ This…

Keppel REIT a time-bomb waiting to explode?

Amid the current rally in the S-REIT sector, Keppel REIT is one of the rare counters that is majority-owned by Temasek Holdings (49%) and at the same time, an S-REIT that remained elusively laggard thus far. The current Price/Book value stood at 0.875, indicating that Keppel REIT unit price is trading at an undervalued level.

With a strong sponsor in Keppel Land and a solid backer in Temasek Holdings, Keppel REIT can be considered a blue chip among the S-REIT community. Total market capitalization is about $4.2 billion. So the poor form of Keppel REIT unit price, against the backdrop of a powerful rally in the S-REIT sector, must have left investors singing the blue. Then again, unitholders must count their blessings. After all, Keppel REIT’s net income consistently fell for the past five years. It is a miracle that the unit price had not suffered a meltdown.

Keppel REIT

In my opinion, there are a few factors that attributed to the current form of Keppel REIT unit price. However, the investment merits will be highlighted as well so as to provide a balanced view of this counter. Fundamentally, Keppel REIT is not a company in crisis but there is a need …

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8 things I learned from the 2019 Singtel AGM

Shares of Singapore telcos have taken a beating over the past few years. Due to the continued liberalisation of the industry and the heightened competition, profit margins have been squeezed and profits steadily eroded. For Singtel, its net profit fell 43.5% year-on-year to $3.2 billion in FY2018 while many of its regional associates also recorded […]

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