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Are we headed for another recession? The yield curve is at its flattest level since 2007…

You may or may not have already heard that the U.S. treasury yield curve is at its flattest since 2007 – the year before the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis. Is this a potential sign of things to come? But before I delve into that, I guess a bit of background information is in order. What is […]

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Travel Tips 101

We’ve all been there – staring at your unpacked suitcase, wondering which clothes to bring, losing an item while overseas you knew was just there a while ago, or even realizing that you’ve exceeded your budget for the week. Well, worry no more, because today we’ll be bringing you the top travel tips for women, […]

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For the strong hands out there

Jun 28, 2018: The current Mayer Multiple is 0.62 with a $BTC price of $USD 6,142.35 and a 200 day moving average of $9,889.74 USD. The @TIPMayerMultple has historically been higher 94.71% of the time with an average of 1.55. Learn more at:

— Mayer Multiple (@TIPMayerMultple) June 28, 2018

Based on this metric, Bitcoin is reaching valuations almost 2 SD below its mean.

As always, I am a steady buyer.

Time horizon long.
My faith in crypto is strong.
Outcome could be wrong.

How’d you like my haiku?

I made it rhyme as well, as a testament to my linguistic prowess.

The question for me isn’t if I should be buying now – the signs mostly point to yes.

The question for me is HOW MUCH I should be buying now to maximize my returns. It’s always good to remember that cheap can get cheaper, and buying cheaper is better for returns.

I suppose the least wrong answer is just to average out my buys over objectively cheap periods like this.

2018 portfolio rekt, perhaps.

2019 portfolio rich, hopefully.

As always, time will time.

Singapore Savings Bond versus OCBC 360

Singapore Savings Bond is a new type of government bond that was launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2015. The bond is considered to be a safe and flexible product that allows Singaporeans to meet their savings and investment needs.

However, demand for Singapore Savings Bonds had been lacklustre in the initial years, presumably because products like OCBC 360, had been giving it a run for its money (literally). Nonetheless, recent developments had caused Singapore Savings Bond to be very attractive. And that led to a change in my view of this bond.

In my previous article on Astrea IV bonds, I shared that I am not ready for fixed income at this stage of my life yet. My stance has not changed. Basically, my family is looking at a safe financial product to store our emergency fund. Thus, we are looking at Singapore Savings Bond from the perspective of wealth protection, rather than wealth building.

In this article, I will share my insights on how Singapore Savings Bond can play a part in strengthening your wealth portfolio through passive income and how it fair in comparison to the popular OCBC 360 account.

Locked-in Interest rates

The first …

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Do you know STI 3250 is a TURNING point?

As mentioned in my previous emails, the target 3250 was supported yesterday as predicted.

If it does not hold up at this level of 3250 by end of the day, there is a chance to move and test 3200 mark.

If it does hold up, then it should be moving within the row of 3300 and 3250 as marked on the chart.

Fundamentally looking ahead, President Donald Trump said the tariffs, which will start on 6 July, are intended to reduce China’s dominance in industries. That gives us about 1 week’s time to monitor and observe any upcoming developments of the intended tariffs. And not to mention, equity markets all over the world are facing a sell off; case in point, Dow Jones down 400 points last night.

I am forwarding some details as shared by my friends and clients, reposting below the Year lows and highs, as well as institutional buys and sells. Hope that it will be useful as a reference.

Group effort is always more efficient than individual effort, feel free to share with me too.