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How To Keep Education Loans From Compromising Your Future in Hong Kong

Although it is a common practice to education loans to finance your tertiary education in Hong Kong, that does not mean you should be careless with it. Any mistake that you make while borrowing a loan can compromise your financial future. According to an article published on, the student loan scheme in this region […]

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Expenses Update: December 2017

As we pre-paid for one of our trips in 2018, it’s no surprise that the past month’s expenditure surged past $5,000 again. In a month of celebration, catch-ups and gift-giving, we spent about $5,300. With December’s entry, the yearly expenditure…

13 things to know about Padini Holdings before you invest

Padini Holdings Berhad (Bursa: 7052) is a Malaysian fashion retail conglomerate that owns nine fashion labels familiar which are household brands in Malaysia. They include Padini, Padini Authentics, SEED, P&Co, PDI, Miki, Brands Outlet, Vincci, and Vincci Accessories. As of 2 January 2018, Padini Holdings Berhad is worth RM3.4 billion in market capitalization. Padini is […]

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GMGH’s Best Crypto Posts of 2017

With 2017 just over, I thought I’d dig up some old posts which I still find relevant about crypto which should answer the questions that a lot of people have and that I hear all the time.Is Bitcoin in a bubble? Am I too late?What if I invested in Bitco…


Singapore Stocks 2018

Dear readers, we are into the start of Year 2018. Time will progress fast and before we know it, we would be looking at the names of the top gainers for Year 2018. In my belief, and as backed by previous years’ statistics, the top gainers in any year would always tend to be the small-cap stocks. While part of the winning equation for small-cap stock gainers would reside on good fundamentals and results, the other would have to lie on the mathematics of having a small price as a base (hence any gain would be large in percentage). Read more »

My #1 Advice for those new to crypto / Bitcoin

My #1 advice for those of you who are new to buying crypto…

Only invest using money you can afford to lose.

The crypto world is a volatile one. Prices swing up and down all the time. Can you stomach the ride?

One moment your screen looks like this…

You’re happy with your crypto profits, wondering if you should cash out, but then you remember that everytime you sold previously it only went up higher. So you decide to hold onto your coins.

Then the next moment this happens:

Are you sure you can sit through this?

Maybe you think you’re not good enough, so you decide to go on the Internet to find if there’s anyone you can learn from. You decide to find out what everyone thinks are good cryptos to invest in. After all, the wisdom of the masses must surely be right, right?

Then this happens:

The other day someone’s post appeared on my feed (yes, in Singapore if I remember correctly). He had taken out his home mortgage to buy Bitcoin at USD 19,000. Now his $100k has dropped to $75k and he’s in deep trouble. He asked for help on whether he should sell.

You can just imagine what people had to say to that.

Lastly, there are also tons of unethical social media “influencers” who are now promoting crypto in ways that I completely do not agree with. Last month, a popular Youtuber made USD 500,000 by promoting a coin which ranks #1 on my list of shitcoins. (Fun fact: Ripple ranks #2 on that same list, heh.)

Did you also know that there’s lots of price manipulation going on, and tons of of pump & dump happening in crypto? (They pump to you –> you buy at high –> they sell and take profit).

Let’s not forget the “gurus” sharing about how they’re a millionaire thanks to Bitcoin and crypto. One promises to teach you for free. Pay 0.1 Bitcoin to join his group and he’ll give you tips.

I’m not gonna risk getting sued here but you can just Google about all these and see for yourself. It is all there on the charts. The history is as clear as day.

So do you have enough guts for crypto?

Having said that, I’ve not lost a single cent on any of my crypto investments thus far, and I intend to keep it that way. My secret? Buying only coins that are NOT shitcoins. There’s tons of shitcoins out there and they’re doing a fantastic job of masquerading otherwise. Unlike stocks, these coins are mostly NOT tagged to any assets (eg. free cash flow, property, bank fixed deposits). But my story for crypto will come another day. Am I a genius or a guru? Neither, as there are also folks who made profits from investing in shitcoins. Ultimately, you just need to know how to balance your own risks. If you don’t share your profits, then don’t cry when you lose.

Should you go into crypto? Yes, I think so. Even if it’s just $100, or $1000, or $10,000. Use what you’re willing to lose. I cannot promise that you’ll be in profits, but I can promise you that this is going to be the most unforgettable ride of your life.

Now HODL! (that’s not a spelling mistake, it stands for Hold On for Dear Life)

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For those of you on the mailing list, I’m going to send out a private email to you guys to warn you about a platform that is being (irresponsibly) promoted by popular SG lifestyle influencers right now. You can follow their lead if you want to buy and NOT OWN your own Bitcoins. Look out for that in your inboxes soon!

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