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Which Is The Cheapest Way To Travel To Johor Bahru (JB): Train, Bus, Car or Taxi?

Singaporeans love travelling to Johor Bahru for a short getaway or grocery shopping, thanks to the favourable exchange rates. There are multiple ways of travelling to JB from Singapore, but which is the cheapest way to get there? We compare 4 common modes of transport: train, bus, car, and taxi. Read Also: 3 Tips to […]

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The Hour Glass stormed back in style!

What a fightback! It has been a long while since I last covered luxury watch retailer, The Hour Glass. And boy, this counter recently rose from the tomb to stage a magnificent recovery after posting a stunning full-year financial result. Is this really the light at end of tunnel for The Hour Glass?

Can The Hour Glass roll back the time?

The Hour Glass Limited

Back in 2017, co-founder cum Chairman Henry Tay had warned of a severe winter ahead for The Hour Glass because of oversupply issue and a slow-down in the Hong Kong market. On the basis of the latest financial results, it appears to me that the management may have successful turned. Revenue increased 5% to $727 million but net profits exploded by 41% to reach a whopping $71 million. To achieve this feat, the management had exercised cost discipline and pushed up top-line. No wonder The Hour Glass share price surged from $0.65 in March to the recent $0.80 mark.

Hour Glass

Indeed, investors of The Hour Glass must have that bitter-sweet feeling. Chairman Henry Tay’s warning proved to be proverbial as revenue had previously slowed from $707 million in FY2016 to reach $691 million in FY2018. Profit …

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