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Is A Recovery for Oil & Gas Shipbuilders Near?

In recent months, there have been talks about green shoots in the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry with the gradual recovery in oil price. In particular, SembCorp Marine managed to sell 9  jack-up rigs to Borr Drilling for USD1.3B in Oct. Are O&am…

Options Records In Oct & Nov 2017

It’s been a very very busy period for me, and I’m juggling many balls at once. So I shall take the easy way out and just cut and paste my options transactions in the past 2 months. Anyway, I am also genuinely interested to know what’s the cashflow like for the past 2 months. I […]


ComfortDelgro stock

Dear readers, in my post of 8 Dec 2017, I touched on ComfortDelgro stock, a billion-cap stock which has recently went very low in price. I highlighted in my post that the traditional transport model like for ComfortDelgro has been disrupted by ride sharing and hailing apps in the likes of Uber and Grab. Shortly after my post, it was reported yesterday that ComfortDelgro has invested in Uber to the effect that commuters are able to book ComfortDelgro taxis via Uber apps and ComfortDelgro taxi drivers could turn to the Uber model to increase their revenues. Read more »