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StarHub share price losing in telco war

Sign up & unlock articles! It seems that StarHub share price had lost its way. The fierce telco war has walloped this counter left, right and centre. Since my last coverage on this counter, StarHub share price bottomed out to reach a low of $1.30 in October 2019. Subsequently, the stock went on a fine run to hit a high of $1.55 on 27 February 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic came along and sent Starhub share price plunging into the abyss yet again.

StarHub share price crashed into wall

StarHub share price in last tango?

StarHub share price to face $282 million baptism of fire

StarHub share price

Indeed, investing in StarHub is no fun. This counter used to be the brightest star among the SGX stocks with its strong dividend track record and rising share price. As a matter of fact, StarHub share price was still trading at the $4.00 bandwidth in 2015. No one could have predicted that the entry of TPG Telecom in 2016 could change the destiny of StarHub so much.

In my point of view, StarHub share price is slightly undervalued at the moment. Assuming the full-year net profit is $160 million, the EPS should be $0.09. With …

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BlockFi out, Celsius in

So from that last post, you should’ve known about the BlockFi data breach.The simple summary is that I am moving out all my assets back to cold wallets, exchanges, defi hot wallets and etc.But I am moving a decent chunk over to Celsius.I have been usin…

Is the new Syfe REIT+ Worth Investing In? (Review)

Looking for your own diversified REIT investment portfolio in Singapore with minimal capital and automatic rebalancing? Syfe REIT+ might just be the answer for you. Previously, investors who wanted real estate investment trusts (REITs) in their po…

The Skyscraper for Keppel+ Visionaries (22 May 20)

This write-up was reproduced with permission from Ray’s Estate Clinic, written by Founder, Raymond Chng. Please refer to the end of the article for more information on Raymond. There is rarely a time where we think a new condominium is almost a perfect 10, we think we finally found the one. This is one for both visionary homeowners and investors who would like to participate in two of Singapore’s most ambitious masterplan which we will elaborate further in the article. Sustainable desirability is an important trait that has to be built from the beginning and we believe that the condo […]

The Best Month To Invest In STI Is…

We are using the SPDR STI ETF (ES3.SI) as a benchmark for STI.


Return = (closing price – opening price) / opening price

Return = (closing price – opening price + dividend paid) / opening price

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Analysis: Best Month
The best month is……….. APRIL!
Over the past 13 cycles, STI experienced only 2 non-positive Aprils, with the worse being only -1%.

The second best month is……….. March!
Over the past 13 cycles, STI experienced 3 negative Marches.

Guess we just missed the best time to get in and invest in STI. 😉

In addition, with or without factoring dividend returns does not seem to affect the top 2 months of best return.
Though it did make Februaries’ return looks a lot better.

Analysis: Worse Month
Without factoring dividend return, the worse month is……….. AUGUST!
Followed by February and May.

Factoring in dividend return, the worse month is……….. May!
Followed by Jue and August.

Seems like the best time to avoid STI is August and May.
Guess the old saying ‘Sell in May and go away’ does apply to Singapore markets.

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Work from home is keeping us sane

Another long weekend has passed and we are already in the middle of this week. We went out for grocery shopping, bought takeaway food, ordered even more stuff online and caught up with friends virtually. It’s becoming a routine as we do what we can to get through this circuit breaker. The Government announcing the […]