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Moya Asia stock

As early as Feb 2017, I have been sharing with readers on my take on Moya Asia stock (you can read the post here . Since then, Moya Asia stock has moved in my expected direction: NORTH slow and steady.

Yesterday, Moya Asia stock rose by an impressive 7.4% on a strong volume of 76.7 million to close the trading day at $0.101. This price level is a significant one since Moya Asia stock has been testing the $0.098 price level in the previous few trading sessions, unable to break above the $0.10 resistance; thus yesterday, this price level was finally broken.
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This Credit Card Mistake Is More Damaging to Singaporeans than to Americans

Credit cards and personal loans often come with a concept called “minimum required payment.” This refers to the smallest amount you have to pay to your bank in order to avoid being charged late payment fees, usually ranging from 3% to 5% of your card balance. While a lot of people believe it’s okay to just pay this minimum amount, this is actually a myth: minimum payment requirements are actually very costly mistakes, especially for people in Singapore. While it could help you avoid paying late payment penalty fees, minimum payment requirements do not exempt you from paying interest on the rest of your card’s balance. Therefore, even if you pay 5% of your balance that’s required, you will have to incur interest on the 95% that’s still on your bill. Without understanding this, however, many Singaporeans are suffering from committing this mistake over and over again. Higher Interest Rates in Singapore than in the US What’s important to understand is that it is way costlier for a consumer in Singapore to believe in the minimum payment myth than it is for a consumer in the US. For one, the average interest rate for credit cards is only about 14% […]

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How much should I spend on Insurance each month? [An Elegant Answer]

If only I could refer to the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for this one. According to Adam Douglas’s 1979 science fiction bestseller, the answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything is… …42. When asked how he came up with the number: The answer to this is very simple. It was […]

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Noble Group stock

Looking at the current Noble Group stock performance, I could not feel a little pity for this once-great company and a little bit nostalgia for the stock. Noble Group was the first stock I bought years ago when I started my first foray into the Singapore Stocks markets. When I bought Noble Group stock then, it was after some time of analysis using just plain excel spreadsheet and my humble manual plots of moving averages. That analysis of mine and the first stock investment of mine was a success, pocketing me $500 or around 25% based on an initial investment amount of around $2000. Read more »