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A Prediction About Properties 13 Years Ago

Before I became a blogger in 2012, I contributed to the Straits Times (ST) Forum Page once in a blue moon. My first letter was written in Dec 2004 and discussed the issue of whether downgrading homes was a viable means of providing for retirement. I wa…

Do you have a plan for early retirement?

Achieving financial independence (FI) is the dream of many working adults. We dream of lying on the bahamas beach sipping watermelon juice. We plan to devote our time to charitable acts. We want to chase our passion, to do the things we love, instead o…

What is your investment goals and target ?

When you invest your hard earned
money, how much of a return do you expect to get from your investment ? Those
who are new to investing will often say, “I want to earn a return of 20% to 50%
on my investment—every year.” But is this realistic?…

Upscale Property Cracks Emerging?

Just saw this interesting article on the Straits Times: Banker buys out 45 of the 55 units of an upscale FH condo in town.45 out of 55 is kind of absurd, isn’t it? Since it was a bulk deal, he managed to get in at $2300psf, or an 18% discount. For a FH…

CPF Home Loan or Bank Loan?

Buying a HDB flat for the first time can be an intimidating experience. It is probably the first big ticket purchase in your life that will take the next couple of decades to pay off, so you would definitely want to rake in as much savings as yo…

SMART Goals Are Sooooo 2016

Ugh, I swear if I read another life-coach blogpost talking about “SMART goals”, I’m going to stab myself in the eye with a plateful of ikan bilis.  Today, SMART is THE cliche of the personal development world. It’s the equivalent of a student ending his essay with, “…And then he realised it was just a dream.” It makes us all roll out eyes. […]

Women In Investing – Interviewing Lauren Templeton

Warren Buffett. Benjamin Graham. Peter Lynch. Philip Fisher. George Soros. John Templeton.Where are the females among the world’s most recognised investment legends? A look at Investopedia’s list of the world’s greatest investors shows that there’…

How to retire in 10 years

You may have
came across this article in today’s The Business Times ,,, an interesting
article in searching of “ The Freedom formula “ for early retirement .

The big word
“ R”  or retirement is very subjective
and one may not want …