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3 Rules to master your finances like a Jedi

Jedi – the stuff of legends. Brave, disciplined, and unwavering in their beliefs. We have much to learn from them when it comes right down to money. Set down your light sabre, young padawan, for we have much to talk about.   Rule 1: The path to the Light starts with awareness   Jedi understand their […]

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Tips on getting your wedding gown from Taobao

For brides on a budget, there are a few ways you can save on your wedding gown while still getting a pretty awesome gown to wear or to keep. Option A: Buy a gown from Taobao (S$40 – $400 will get you pretty awesome ones)Option B: Buy a used gown o…

Resources for a Budget Wedding

Riddle: What’s the most expensive one-day affair in Singapore?If you guessed weddings, you got that right.With the costs of the average Singaporean wedding ranging from $40,000 – $70,000, it is no surprise that more and more couples are looking for way…

Sell Foreign ETF transactions for Apr 2017

Significant sale event happened today due to our ongoing efforts to restructure and simplify our portfolios. This time round, we are selling most of the overlapping Foreign Equity and Bond ETFs and getting rid of our exposure to GBP and EUR. Which means that going forward, we will only be purchasing 2 Foreign Equity ETFs – Vanguard […]

WHAT should investors KNOW NOW?

US stocks

Ever since the stocks markets rise to peaks for markets like the US, market watchers continue to see how the policies of Donald Trump will continue to benefit stocks markets. I must said previously, the radar is on Trump’s economic policies, US-China trade relationships and the interest rate decision of the US Federal Reserves. Now the focus seems to be geo-political. First was the tension over North Korea’s testing of its missle; then the US’ strike on Syria seems to throw a bunch of new geopolitical considerations on the stock markets. Read more »