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Reviewing our Central Provident Fund (CPF) strategy

It’s a rainy Saturday morning and afternoon here in the East side of Singapore. My wife and I just had lunch. Will walk around for a bit before heading home to rest and get ready for the wedding dinner tonight. Always nice to catch up with relatives we haven’t seen for a while. Before that, […]

5 Best Credit Cards For Miles In Hong Kong 2016

5 Best Credit Cards For Miles In Hong Kong 2016 For Hong Kong consumers, the best credit cards are those that offer rewards. At least, this is the assumption we can get from the study published on the website of J.D. Power. The study specifically revealed that 40% of the participants in the study admitted that they change their credit cards to get better rewards programmes. The study also revealed that airline tickets are among the common rewards that cardholders redeem.   Obviously, the use of credit cards in Hong Kong is a common practice. You should consider selecting a card that fits, not just your spending preferences, but also the rewards that will make your purchases more valuable. For instance, if you love travelling, it makes a lot of sense for you to look for the best credit cards that will give you air miles.   How do air miles work as a credit card reward? Air miles is a type of reward that give cardholders the chance to earn rewards points every time they use the credit card for purchases. These cards are usually supported by an airline’s frequent flyer program. There are cards that can make you

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Don’t Crybaby To Me About Bitcoins & Cryptos

The market bubble popped a while ago and went from 120b to 60b.Now we’re back above 120b. If you were in ANYTHING at that point of time, your portfolio would’ve been up about 100%.I am currently up over 100%.That statement is not meant to be a brag, bu…