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[SGX Portfolio] Bye bye LMIRT

I bought Lippo Malls as one of my very first investments back in June of 2014. Wowza… that’s almost 3 years! My thesis wasn’t very complicated. Retail REITs are a nice class of REITs, Indonesia has the demographics to give a nice “growth” story, gear…

5 Ways to Enjoy Saving Money & Not Think Of It As A Chore

Happy Saver: 5 Ways to Enjoy Saving Money We get it – saving can be challenging, sometimes too difficult. The conflict between saving and spending is almost always there, especially today when temptations are all around us. It is further intensified by the idea that we have to make the most of the now, but at the same time, not wanting to be unsecured for the future once you retire. So how can you beat the difficulties of saving? Here are 5 ways to enjoy while you are saving money. Set goals. One of the best ways to keep you on the right track is to remind yourself of your main goal. This is because our goals serve as our motivation to face the difficulties along the way. Why did you spend all those hours in studying a subject you did not like back in high school or college? Because you had a goal to pass that subject in order to achieve your main goal of finishing your studies. Why not use the same strategy when it comes to saving? Ask yourself: Why am I saving? Financial Success : Actions Your MUST Take Every Decade & Age While most of […]

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The Week Ahead: Oil Slick Ahead

OPEC will meet in Vienna, America will report new home sales, Thailand and South Korea will have interest-rate decisions and Singapore will reveal its latest inflation numbers.