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1st rebalancing of DBS DigiPortfolio

We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday night with dinner ordered in. We are going to have cake later in the afternoon to finish the celebration. Did the same celebration last month for my wife’s birthday. The mood wasn’t as fun this time round as the effects of 5 weeks of circuit breaker measures start to bite. […]

Navigating Depressions and Great Recessions (Real Estate Edition, 8 May 20)

This write-up was reproduced with permission from Ray’s Estate Clinic, written by Founder, Raymond Chng. Please refer to the end of the article for more information on Raymond. We are currently in unprecedented times (as of writing in April 2020). Covid-19 is upon us as a global pandemic which will go down in history books as the gravest health crisis mankind ever faced in this century. Over the past few weeks, I had the fortune to converse and interview numerous Seniors (our Merdeka & Pioneer Generation) whom I knew for some time already. The wiser generation I interviewed range from […]

How to earn side income during COVID-19 lockdowns

If you’ve recently taken a pay cut due to COVID-19 or even worse, have been retrenched from your work entirely, this article may offer you some ideas on some other income generators that you can start.Best of all, most of these do not require much of a…

Thoughts On The NTUC Enhanced IncomeShield Plan Premium Increase

Effective from 1 May 2020, NTUC Income has increased the premiums for its integrated shield plans (‘ISP’). The upward revision would only affect its Plus and Assist riders as these are riders introduced before the Singapore government’s announcement on 7 March 2018. Since that fateful announcement, the medical health insurance landscape has witnessed the following […]

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OCBC share price in horror show

Sign up & unlock articles! Will OCBC share price sink or swim? On 8 May 2020, OCBC announced a set of poor Q1 FY2020 business update that saw the number 2 bank in Singapore recording the worst financial performance among the three local banks. While COVID-19 pandemic had been cited by OCBC CEO as the culprit for the subpar performance, investors must be wondering how on earth did OCBC manage to fare so badly against the other two banks.

OCBC share price in explosive free fall

OCBC share price in devastating bloodbath

OCBC share price to increase three-fold in decade?

OCBC share price led to my first investment in decade

OCBC share price

On a year-on-year basis, net profit plunged 43% to reach an abysmal $698 million. This is the lowest as compared to DBS ($1.17 billion) and UOB ($855 million). OCBC’s decline was also the biggest among the three local banks. Against this backdrop, OCBC share price should be sluggish for the foreseeable future.

Upon examining the business update, I noted two factors that led to the steep decline in net profit First, contributions from Great Eastern Holdings collapsed 94% to reach a low of $18 million, vis-à-vis the $290 million profit …

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Warren Buffett & Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting Is Overrated

Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor, held his annual Berkshire Hathaway Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 2nd May 2020.
The event, also known as ‘The Woodstock of Capitalism’, has people from all walks of life tuning in to hear what the legendary investor has to say about the economy and the stock market.

We sat through the whole 5+ hour session to hear what the man has to say.
This is not the first time we participated in the event; we have tuned in for several years now.
We conclude that the event is way overrated.
This is an unpopular opinion – we would be surprised if anyone thought the same way as we did.
As avid readers of books on Buffett, Buffett’s annual reports, and a watcher of his interviews and AGMs, we believe we have made a fair assessment or opinion on the matter.
That’s not to say that the event should completely be ignored.

Who Should Pay Attention To The AGM?
If you are an investor in Berkshire Hathaway, then you should definitely pay attention to the AGM because he will explain the various businesses’ performance, the succession plan, Berkshire’s stock investments, and the buybacks he will or will not do.

Who Can Ignore The AGM?
If you are an investor hoping to get some insights on what he has to say about investing or the economy, there is almost nothing new every year.
You can save that 5 hours of your life and research to find wonderful companies to invest your money in.

Warren Buffett is a Great Capital Allocator
He is no doubt one of the greatest capital allocators in the world.
As the CEO of Social Capital, Chamath Palihapitiya, once said: “great CEOs are great allocators of capital.”
Warren Buffett is a great financial capital allocator – puts cash into good use to generate high returns.
Mark Zuckerberg is a great human capital allocator – puts talent into good use to generate high returns.
Jeff Bezos is both a great financial and human capital allocator – that’s how you have Amazon.

Repeating Themes
As someone who reads, watches, and learns from Warren Buffett, we can tell you definitely almost without fail, that there are repeating themes or topics in every shareholder meetings or interviews he has.
We can even list them out:

  1. Is the stock market overvalued/undervalued?
  2. Will the America/global economy do well next year?
Is the Stock Market Overvalued/Undervalued?

Question: How Buffett became insanely wealthy?
Answer: by buying wonderful businesses at fair or cheap prices.
Does he know how the economy is going to fair next year? – Nope
Does he know if oil prices will ever recovery? – Nope
Does he know what companies he will buy next? – Nope
Does he know when he will do a massive share buyback? – Nope

The only thing he knows, and how he usually answer is, he and Berkshire are interested in making large deals to make full use of Berkshire’s cash.
But if nothing good comes out, they are perfectly comfortable with holding cash until such an opportunity comes up.
He does not care if the market is overvalued or undervalued, neither does he pays attention to it (or so he says), he simply looks to buy for wonderful businesses managed by wonderful people at fair prices when the opportunity comes knocking.

If Buffett is not buying any shares or even buying back Berkshire’s shares, does it mean the market is overvalued?
Nope. It just means that prices are not low enough for him to make a move, or there are businesses inside Berkshire that can make better use of the cash that they have.
Also, because Berkshire’s largest business is in insurance, Berkshire needs to have a sizable cash reserve to pay out those claims.
That is why Berkshire has a huge cash position on its balance sheet.
Doesn’t necessarily means ‘ Berkshire has huge cash reserves = everything overpriced in the stock market’.

Will The America/Global Economy Do Well Next Year?

“Will recession end the US economy?”
“Will COVID-19 end the US economy?”
“Will China end the US economy?”
“When will the US recover?”
“Is the US still competitive globally?”

These are some of the standard questions that will come out almost every time in interviews or AGMs.
Buffett’s answers to these questions are almost always the same: “I don’t know.”
Yup, he doesn’t know the exact answer, neither does anyone else you ask.

But he will almost always follow up with the answer: “Over the long-term, we will do really well. Stocks will do really well. The America/global economy will do really well.”
Then he will proceed to give us a history lesson on how many wars, pandemics, crises, etc. that the US and the world went through and how the economy despite these challenges, will always recover and grow stronger.

TLDR: Ignore all the noise. Focus and invest for the long-term.

If you read books on Warren Buffett and learns how he invests, the AGM is pretty much not relevant to you because he is not going to tell you anything different from what you have read or learn.

What the AGM is though, is an update on Berkshire Hathaway’s business, performance, and how it will be going forward.
If you are an investor in Berkshire Hathaway, you should pay attention to it.

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