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There are many newsletter sources to choose from. Some paid, some free. With such information sites, it does help to consolidate information that otherwise be scattered and disarrayed.

I’m currently using this dividend newsletter which has been ongoing for 3 years. And with the information received, it helps me in my post generation at SGSAS. 
Recently they have launched a referral scheme. I think this will be beneficial not just for the dividend newsletter in garnering more readers, it is beneficial for you and me. 
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POSB Smiley CDA and problem-solving the baby

The 1st payment of the Baby Bonus Cash Gift of $3,000 has been credited into my wife’s DBS Multiplier Account today. The next thing we did in the same day is to transfer this $3,000 into her POSB Smiley CDA. Now we wait for the Government’s matching contribution of $3,000. We are also waiting for […]

Trading Idea: Short HSI till 26350

Expecting HSI to move to 26350.This is not because of the recent announcement of HK recession or HK riots. The 2 points will help as catalysts and fulfil the above expectation. It is a technical pullback after yesterday’s run-up. Foresee a trading oppo…

Frencken nears 14Y overbought RSI level amid 10Y high prices (19 Nov 2019)

This week, Frencken has caught my attention with its 34% surge from $0.690 on 31 Oct 2019. It closed $0.925 on 19 Nov 2019. At $0.925, this is very near to its 10-year high closing price $0.930 set on 18 Nov 2019. Since 31 Oct 2019, it has risen 10 out of the past 13 trading days with two days having closed unchanged. RSI closed at 88.1 on 19 Nov 2019, which is near a 14 year overbought level. Based on Frencken’s chart, it seems to present a favourable risk to reward short trade. Please see the basis and more […]