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Guest Post By InvestingNote: Will QAF rise again?

I was asked by InvestingNote if they could do a guest post on QAF. I always appreciate the effort put into well researched pieces, so why not? The article below comes from Calvin Wee, whom I’m told, is a new hire at InvestingNote. I guess we’d see more such articles from him soon. Will $QAF(Q01) rise again? Brief […]

BBR Holdings – TTI’s Analysis Of The Latest Happenings

1stly, something unrelated to BBR Holdings. An article in this week’s TheEdge caught my attention: The physical copy of the article has the said activist minority shareholder, Joshua Huang’s photo. It caught my attention as Joshua is my school mate back in NJC, almost 2 decades ago. We used to run and train together […]

Bonus From Flyke (!!!) + Results From Enhanced Options Strategy

Some time ago, I wrote about a failed investment I made – Flyke International: Lessons from a failed investment – Flyke International Holdings Do read the previous post for some context. This particular example is a great example for typical value investors to learn from. Flyke (HK listed) was trading at crazy low valuations, backed […]

TTI Portfolio Updates – April 2017

If there’s 1 thing I’d like to have right this instant, this is it: HUGE grass patch just beside the driveway for the kids to run around and for me to do a little kick around too. (There’s a goal post at the side, not seen in the photo) Ah. Simply next to impossible in […]

Health Checkup For TTI’s Portfolio, IPO Madness, S i2i Updates

Last week, I sat down with a super investor one evening, who took the time to look at TTI’s strategy and results thus far, and shared his thoughts on how to “improve my productivity” (As he so gently and succinctly put it) Long time readers would know who I’m talking about. Apparantly, his friends are […]

TTI’s Portfolio Review – FY17Q1

Before you know it, Q1 came and left. TTI’s portfolio generated an internal rate of return of 15.78% annualized. Total net assets under management grew by $105,937.67, from $943,815.80 at the end of FY16Q4 to $1,049,753.47 at the end of FY17Q1. These figures are nett of all fees. Looking at the AUM, a gain of […]

TTI’s New, Puny Position – S i2i

March has been an absolutely crazy month for me thus far, work-wise. Probably cos it’s sandwiched between 2 holidays, and I’m paying for my travel sins. It’s almost the end of the month, and I have not had a weekday lunch in the whole of March. That’s really not very healthy. It’s screwing up my […]

The One That(Barely) Got Away From TTI – Kingboard Copper Foil

I feel almost too lazy to write about this. A couple of months, a reader brought up several investing ideas to my attention. The kingboard copper foil situation in particular, was interesting to me because it’s an arbitrage situation, and the investing thesis would thus be different from your typical undervaluation thesis. All details blocked […]